Here We GO!!!!

My first Blog entry…How EXCITING!!

We have chosen to Blog of our upcoming adventure into the world of fulltime RVers due to requests from friends & family. I think its going to be tons of fun to share our chronicles with everyone. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’ll sure be fun to watch!!

We are gearing up for our take off date May 9th. That’s our goal date for us to be living in our RV with the 3 kids (cats – Dickie, Goober & Pinky) fulltime with NO house to return to. So far I think we are on track but we’re horrible procrastinators so…well I guess we’ll see how it goes!!

We are beyond busy (as I sit here lazily sipping coffee still in my bathrobe) with projects of getting our RV (Snowball) ready for the first big trip and the rest of our things sold/ready for storage. I should say all of our things sold…been a little slower in that department…

Today our plan is to split our resources. I got to take it easy yesterday, let my aching muscles have a break, and visit with one of my girlfriends from high school, Aimee. We had a great lunchie and chatted for hours!! It was a much needed break and a hoot too!! Meanwhile Chris was hard at work finishing up a BUNCH of projects in Snowball. So the roles are reversed today…his muscles need a break and I’m rip rarrin to go!! So off to run a dozen or so errands I go while Chris sticks at home doing some much needed posting on Ebay and movie back ups.

We bought an older RV and have been doing major repairs and updating to her. I have taken a TON of before and after photos that I’ll share soon!! We have 2 more major inside projects to complete…only 2 more I swear!! LOL. Then the move in and actual decorating can begin.

This blog is to relay our adventure to all our friends and family scattered around the states. We are excited be on this journey and make LOTS of new friends in the fulltiming and gate guarding world!!

More to come…Stay tuned…the FUN is just beginning!!


12 days to FREEDOM


3 thoughts on “Here We GO!!!!

  1. haha… Bud and I were both amused with the first entry… love your humor and attitude. This adventure is such a fantastic thing for you guys. kiss the kids for gamma… i love you xoxoxoxoxo

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