The Countdown is ON!!

Mr had a rough day yesterday, a nagging headache turned into a full blown migraine and he was out of commission. On a positive note there was a full 10 days between migraines!! His leg was really bugging him too so he’s grounded today. He may protest but us wives have our ways to get them to behave!!

Yesterday I finished up the ceiling, wallpaper and some clean up after doing all the errands. We got the carpet and the counter top materials in yesterday. Yippee!!! Today I’m on my own in Snowball and Chris is chained to the computer…see what a mean ole wifey I am!! More cleanup is needed before my Mom & Dad come over to check out the progress. If only I had paid more attention when Chris’s Ma was showing me how to use the steam cleaner…Dang IT!!! I was really hoping to get the counter tops done today but we’ll have to see on that one. Chris will be busy listing our “stuff” on Ebay and making more orders online for parts & pieces.

Tonight my girlfriend Jami is coming over to visit, check out Snowball and have a cocktail. Looking forward to it a lot!! I sure am gonna miss those girls from high school!! Reuniting like this after like 15 years has been amazing…makes me feel old but so worth it!!

We got an email from Doug at LOMA where we are headed to for our new Gate Guarding job in TX. He wants/needs us to come sooner…he has a gate for us right now. But we aren’t ready, not even close!! And I need to be here for my sister on May 10th!! He was very understanding and said he’d make it work until we can get there. Isn’t that great!! The kind of guy/company you wanna work for!!

Ok, enough dilly dallying…time to get to work!! Per Cathy Jo no more slacking allowed!! It’s really cool to see all the people that stopped by to check out the blog yesterday. So, THANK YOU!!

11 days to FREEDOM



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