It’s ALL for Sale!!

We met with another Estate Buy Out  company today. A reasonable offer but not considering what we can get with a few more Ebay listings and a huge massive 2 day blow out yard sale. So guess what?? This week-end we are selling it all on the lawn. Every piece of furniture, appliance, nick knack, picture, book, pair of shoes, dish, sheet, towel, DVD, computer…. Everything that won’t fit in a 32 foot RV. That’s a lot of “stuff”.

I have been divorcing myself from the “stuff” for months now. I knew when we made this decision that it was inevitable and a necessary sacrifice. I’ve been looking at the things like this – If that picture wasn’t on the wall, if I no longer owned it, if I never saw it again, would that impact my happiness? If I can honestly say No then it’s for sale. If I waffle then it’s going into storage. Surprisingly once I started looking at the things in this light the list to go to storage is down quite a bit. Somethings are irreplaceable, my wedding dress and the treasured wedding box, those will be in storage forever. Other things are just that, things. And the most important things in life, aren’t things!!

Poor Chris is having a little more difficulty though…he has so many memories attached to the things…good & bad… He sees something and he remembers (his excellent memory is both a blessing & a curse) who gave it to him, for what occasion or why we bought it or where we got it. He remembers every little detail surrounding each thing. He listed his precious tool box on Ebay a few days ago. He has been putting it off because of the memories attached to it and the thought of cleaning it up to sell it was just too much. You see, that box came from his Step Dad, Sam, years and years ago. Since then a lot has changed and Sam is no longer in his life but he associates that tool box with all the good years, the happy memories. Once it’s sold to the highest bidder he won’t have the “thing” to remind him of the good memories just the reality of the way it is now. He is listing his supercharger from his Miata tomorrow. It’s the same situation…that supercharger was on Ronnie, his Miata, his dream car. The car we had to sell when leaving Idaho. That’s the last piece of her he has left… But like the toolbox it will go to the highest bidder.

Maybe it’s that his “stuff” is so much cooler than mine or maybe it’s just his memories that make them seem that way…

Have no fear though!! The toy collection that was started 3 decades ago is still a work in progress and will be stored with all the love & care in the world to preserve it for eternity!!

I expect a long emotionally draining week…how do you put a price tag on everything we have from our life together??

I must admit though that I am looking forward to not having to keep all the stuff clean & maintained!! Doesn’t take long at all to clean a 32 foot house…especially with my battery operated new spiffy vacuum!!! Gotta look for the silver lining!

Could you do it?? Could you sell/give away/donate 80% of what you own, store 10% and live with the remaining 10% everyday?? And be happy??




3 thoughts on “It’s ALL for Sale!!

  1. i could do it… when we moved we took and entire uhaul truck packed to the brim and donated it to goodwill. purging felt good. Bless you two. I know how difficult this is for Sonshine and you. ❤

  2. Just found your blog.
    We are in the mode, auction, house and all. House did not sell, ouch. Working on a creative solution…… Hard time getting rid of stuff, memories etc. I can relate. Now it is hard being here without it. BUT, can’t wait to be free……

    Good luvk a nd we will be following.

    Wayne & Rhonda

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