There are multiple solutions to every problem…issue…situation. Just gotta find the best fit! Unfortunately stress, exhaustion, and a tight deadline can make it near impossible to think of alternatives. Sometimes taking a break to just breathe, reevaluate and brainstorm is the only option.

So that’s what we did

The yard sale is off… Too much wasted time in prep for too little return on the small stuff plus too many weather what ifs.

The buyout guy was a little low on his price but it will reduce the stress on us immensely!! At this point in the game a stress reducer is nearly priceless. The other good point is that is saves us a lot of hard back breaking work and a TON of time!!

The compromise is to take out the flea marketable/ebayable items and let the buyout guy take everything that’s left.

And the decision is made, the direction is set!

Now to get a full nights sleep and begin again tomorrow.

Until then…


One thought on “Brainstorming…

  1. good idea and a great compromise with yourself. the beginning of your next chapter of life is nearing!!

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