HOT!!!! And SOLD!!!

Sometimes you get what you asked for… It was a beautiful day, true. But it was HOT & HUMID!! For Good Gravy!! Really??

I think we both over did it and made ourselves a little sick… Now we are in the AC, yes AC! Recouping and regrouping for tomorrow.

The buyout guy is coming tomorrow to load up what he has decided to take…very strange situation…apparently he was way more interested in my jewelry than he let on…and when I told him that I wasn’t going to give it away…everything changed… After some re-negotiations we got a new workable deal (no jewels included) that we are both happy with. Great! Unfortunately it doesn’t include any of the furniture or appliances… Back to brainstorming we go!! Craigslist? BooKoo? Classifieds?? Cosignment??

But we did sell some stuff on Ebay today!! Our first selling experience, so far so good!! More stuff is ending tomorrow too!! And Chris has bids on his supercharger!! FABULOUS!! This Ebay thing is pretty groovy!! Although his tool box didn’t sell…guessing it’s cuz it was local pick up only.

Tomorrow is Chris’ BIRTHDAY!! We’re gonna go out! Get some errands done, unwind and of course go see AVENGERS!!! Poor thing, we’ve been moving for his last two birthdays. He said all he wants next year is to NOT be moving on his B-day. How can I not agree to that??

Help me wish him a Happy Birthday everyone!! =)

Nighty Night




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