Procrastination works…sometimes

The buyout guy came today and everything went as planned. The place is definitely getting that echo…pictures off the walls, bookshelves empty, boxes full & empty all around. The delima yesterday was now what do we do with the furniture & appliances. I was contacted today by another estate buyout company that is ONLY interested in big items!! Jackpot!! They will be here Monday to take a large truckload. I also contacted a local man that has agreed to take ALL the leftovers, everything big & small. Total cleanout!! Score!!

Sometimes, just sometimes, being a procrastinator ain’t so bad. You see…by splitting the buyout we are making double…yes folks, thats 2X as much cash in our pocket. And I still have my jewels to sell at the flea market and Chris still has his tool box & charger to sell individually. Nothing has been sacrificed, everything we wanted to keep we kept!!

After an emotional start with watching our stuff be walked out the door we went out to breakfast to really start off Chris’ Birthday. We picked up some stuff for the RV and then back home for a little nap. Ok, I napped… Then it was off to see the Avengers. Chris enjoyed it…I thought it was alright…not my favorite comic movie. Then off to Lonestar for a nice steak. It started off rocky but ended very nicely!! He had a great day even in the midst of yet another move.

Tomorrow it’s back to the coal mine…still lots to do in 4 days!!

On a side note, the kids are doing very well. Pinks thinks its all a jungle gym for her entertainment. Dickie is an old hat at this moving business and is unphased. Goober is a little more clingy but adjusting. I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to say as the kids actually get in the rig and discover that the new house – MOVES!!!

Onward & Upward!!



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