General Update

So the race to get all the storage packed for tomorrow is on!! Chris has been doing so good getting his office sorted and packed. Any of you that know my Mr knows that he is a Patton through & through (aka PACK RAT). He has so much stuff, old and new, collections, truly things from around the world. Its all being lovingly sorted and packed for a nice long stay in storage. Some of the things that he is finding is amazing. He found a membership card from 1994 that he got for his birthday to rent video games. Why would he still have such a thing? Well he was using it as a bookmark of course. Along with half a dozen of his father’s business cards! He also found sand from his trip to Cancun with his Dad. Then he found the yard glass from that trip – if that glass could talk… Chris went on a hilarious trip down memory lane when he stumbled across it. The stumbling down the beach dragging those glasses, the trip into Mexico in the rental car, the traffic stop, the beautiful sunsets and the quality time together. Good stuff!!

In the meantime I’ve been fighting with the sewing machine. Grrr. I don’t know if the old machine I have is just ctranky and too complicated or if I was just not meant to sew anything in my lifetime!! Every time I need to sew something it’s a fight. This time is no different. Curtains are such a simple thing to make, a few hems and you’re good to go!! Oh NO!! Not for me… I’m breaking needles, snapping thread and dealing with loose stitches. Really?? Just let me sew a few seams!!!! I’ve tried bargaining, cursing and begging the machine but she’s still winning the battle. I only have a set of curtains to make for the very front window of Snowball and 12 panels to hem. Is that really too much to ask for?? Just one last time?? Ughhhhh. Lucky for me though, my husband is the master of that blasted machine!! He can fix it all and does so with a big smile and a chuckle then he’s back on his way until another string of curses fill the air. I swear if it wasn’t for him and his genius I’d have taken a stapler to those curtains forever ago!!

An update on storage. We have been planning on getting a storage unit locally. Load it all up safe and sound and make trips back whenever we need something. It was never the ideal plan because from our new home base of Texas it’s roughly a $1000 trip (one way in Snowball or for one of us to come back solo) back to Illinois. Not exactly cost effective to pick up the bikes. But what other alternatives do we have?? Well…after a lovely chat with Chris’ Mom and a little research we have to report that Bud had a moment of pure genius!!! PODS!!! PODS is the perfect solution to the fulltimers delima on storage. Granted they are a little more expensive on a monthly rental but the convenience of it all is worth it to us!! PODS will deliver to our current residence and pick it up to ship it to our new home base of Fort Worth TX for it to live in their climate controlled completely secure warehouse. We will have complete access to the unit at the storage facility, free of charge like any other storage unit. It will also allow us to “pack” some of the bigger items that we know we are going to need along the way but not immediately, ex. bikes, tires, extra tools, jewelry for the flea market, the kids travel carriers etc. It will also allow us to “store” Chris’ toolbox so we can list it for sale in Texas where the market may be better for it. It is also going to save us a lot of time. We were allotting a whole day to get the storage unit and load it up with multiple trips back and forth, now they’ll deliver the POD and we can add to it as we come across a box or item that gets stored. I think that’s a quadruple score – a BIG Thank YOU to Bud for his idea!!

Now for a tid bit on contact paper… Here are a few pics to start this story off.

Bathroom with original factory installed wall paper.

Original Kitchen

Ain’t that pretty?!?! Original stripped, faded, peeling wallpaper. No Thank YOU!!! So I did research online and found that there is some great vinyl contact paper that “everyone” is using on accent walls in their homes. It’s all the rage blah blah blah. So I thought my walls are the size of traditional homes accent walls I can do this!

Well, maybe the paper I used was too cheap, I don’t know, but what looked great going up has since been peeling and refusing to stay up!! I’ve tried glue stick which seemed to work until the humidity went super high and then I tried gorilla glue out of desperation and that seems to be sticking but left big ugly bumps in the paper. Now with even more humidity & rain it’s even worse! So tomorrow I’m heading to the Man Store (Lowes) and getting some stick tiles for the kitchen and I’m going to sponge paint the bathroom like I did the ceiling of the whole rig.

Ceiling Sponge Paint

I love the ceilings!! The same technique will be done in the bathroom but a different two tone color choice. The tiles in the kitchen will be fabulous and add a nice flare!

The upgraded vinyl did a beautiful job on refinishing the counter tops. So once again I’m not sure if it was the cheap vinyl paper I used on the walls or the fact that they were vertical.

Original Bathroom Counter

New “Granite” Counter top

More pics to come on the kitchen. Chris was also in the process of installing a new facet for the sink.

Well, things are moving along beautifully!! With Bud’s suggestion we are definitely on track to be on our way Wednesday!! Which is a very good news because the Gate Guarding President emailed me this evening and they have a Gate waiting for us. No choice but to make this happen for a Wednesday departure!!

Until we meet again…


One thought on “General Update

  1. Hey, Mom tried contact paper a couple times on the walls of her RV bathroom. It would never hold…never found out why. I know she and Dad were very frustrated. Your improvements look great!!

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