Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

(Wrote this post yesterday but the net went down. Sorry for the delay.)

Today didn’t exactly go as planned. At least not everything went as planned. But is it really an adventure if everything is all planned out and actually goes according to the plan?? Nah. Totally overrated!!

Let’s see… Chris did a marvelous job finishing the curtains for the front and the hemming of the rest of the curtains is coming along nicely! He is such a genius and Master of the dreaded sewing machine monster!! He also laid the new carpet in Snowball. Both upgrades look fantabulous!!

Chris’ new front window curtains

New carpet

I took on the project of ripping out all the contact paper. So sad to see all that hard work come down all to easily. Next came the decision to paint instead, both the bathroom & kitchen. I’m happy to report that the bathroom paint is complete and the kitchen has a primer coat on it to be finished tomorrow. Stay tuned for more pics.

I also found a steal of a deal on tiles at the Lowes, 25 cents per 12X12 tile. So for $8.75 we’ll have new tile in the kitchen, bathroom & hallway. Sweet!!! The tiles will go in tomorrow after my painting is all done. Not because I’m messy or anything…

So the last of the projects on Snowball will be completed and wrapped up tomorrow. All the finishing touches added, the curtains hung, and the last wipe down done so that the move in may begin at long last!!

Now for the unplanned part… The original “plan” was for the 2 estate buyout people to come today and actually purchase some, if not all, of our leftover big furniture & appliances. This did not happen. Neither bought anything. Why not?? Turns out that neither were actual ‘estate buyout people’. They don’t have a business but were looking to buy for themselves. Not what I asked for, not what I was expecting and definitely not what I needed. I guess you could say I was lied to, misled, deceived but I’m not going to dwell on that. How did I find them?? Craigslist. The other REAL estate buyout guy came from Craigslist so I put out an ad for another REAL estate buyout person to contact me. Unfortunately all I got was these yahoos.

So now we still have every piece of furniture and every appliance. Now what?? Well, we tried listing the pieces on Craigslist but that hasn’t gone well because there isn’t a true Craigslist for this area, it’s either in Chicago or Champaign, both a good 1 – 1 1/2 hrs away in either direction. I’ve also listed items on BooKoo but that has been hit & miss too, sold some smaller stuff but all the big stuff is just sitting…no bites even after numerous reductions in price. I don’t think it’s a popular enough website to get to enough people. So I bought an ad to run in Wednesday’s paper hoping that that will get us the exposure we need. I’m also going to list everything in Ebay’s classifieds section. I just found this section on Ebay. Bonus is they offer this service for free!! Something to keep in mind future fulltimers.

Unfortunately due to this setback we are not going to be able to leave on Wednesday as planned. The ad runs in the paper on Wednesday and we need to have time to show & sell the items. I will be in Champaign with my sister for Wednesday night, Thursday and most of Friday while Chris holds down the fort and deals with the furniture situation. Our new take off is Friday night/early Saturday morning. That will give us time to get the trailer to pull Big Red and a grocery run in before take off.

On a side note – For anyone going the Ebay route in selling your stuff, be aware that there is an UP TO 3 week delay from when the buyer pays through paypal for the monies to get into your bank account. This was news to us!! We also had to shell out all the money to ship the items without being paid for the items yet. People are getting the goods in the mail as early as today but we won’t see the monies from it for at least another couple of weeks. Just something to keep in mind when you’re listing your stuff on Ebay, it works great but it’ll take a little time to see the fruits of your labors.

Here’s the thing folks… Chris & I have always lived by a motto – Plan for the worst, hope for the best. He is on the “Plan for the Worst” side and I am eternally on the “Hope for the Best”. We balance each other out. He says he lives in “reality” and I live with my rose colored glasses on. I happen to love my glasses and don’t plan on ever taking them off, thank you very much!! It all works itself out in the end. The trick is not getting caught up in the details and keeping your focus on the end goal. We will get to our new jobs in Texas and start the next chapter of our lives. We are just departing a few days later. No biggie in the big scheme of things.


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