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I hope at some point everyone has a vacation so jam packed full of fun and activities that when you get home you say ‘I need a vacation from my vacation’. We are definitely at this point!! Except we need to get to work for a break from our vacation.

Getting ready for this great adventure into the world of Gate Guarding has left us tired, spent, exhausted just maxed both physically and mentally. There is so much to do in such a short amount of time that it is quite frankly overwhelming. To put it into perspective, we’re condensing a process that people usually take a minimum of 6 mo to 1 yr to prepare for and doing it in less than a month. Some may say that it’s easier not to prolong the process and others wouldn’t appreciate the added stress being on such a short timeline. That is something that the individual has to decide. This is best for us because we know we are procrastinators and if we don’t have a solid deadline it won’t get done.

Let me explain – We bought our first RV, Snowball, exactly 6 weeks before the start date of our new job. For all of you that caught that little admission… YEP!! We have never owned a RV, never vacationed in one, never drove one, let alone LIVED in one!! Crazy or Brilliant?? I go with the latter but of course I do…this is our dream!!

You’ve seen the pics of the old girl. She is solid but had some repairs and a lot of updating to be done to be liveable fulltime. Now it’s time for a quick recap of the work we’ve done.


Bedroom: Old mattress disposed of/new full size bed added, arm bracket for TV removed, old curtains & valances removed/new curtains hemmed and installed, contact paper over the mirrors added, organizer in closet added, kick hole repaired, storage under closet sealed, new lights throughout, ceiling vent resealed, capped off washer/dryer hook ups

Shower: Replaced shower curtain, shower head and added a shower/conditioner/soap dispenser

Potty: Stripped wallpaper, put up contact paper/removed contact paper/sponge painted 3 colors on all walls, painted trim, painted outside of cabinet, painted & sanded wall cabinet and doors & drawers to floor cabinet, installed new mini blind, replaced framing around mirror, covered old counter top with ‘granite’ contact paper, removed & scrubbed sink, added new facet, new tile floor, new lighting, new towel bars

Kitchen: Stripped wallpaper, put up contact paper/removed contact paper/painted kitchen, new tile floor, added white board to refrigerator, removed & scrubbed sink, added new facet and drains, new lighting, removed original spice rack from wall, installed new mini blind, covered old counter top with ‘granite’ contact paper, exchanged microwave with ours, lined all cabinets & drawers with non skid liner, new smoke alarm, added magnetic knife holder to wall

Living Room: Repaired wood grain wallpaper, removed old mini blinds & velvet valances/installed new hemmed curtains & rods, threw away the 2 sitting chairs, sanded & stained table & bolted to wall, steam cleaned couch and carpet, laid new carpet, added couch cover, new lighting, covered glass in cabinets w/contact paper, repaired wall where old satellite installation was, repaired hole in ceiling due to old satellite installation, added non skid liner to cabinets, replaced old front window privacy curtains

And the ceiling of the whole rig got a nice sponge paint job!!

Outside: Repaired roof due to satellite installation, resealed & caulked all the vents, stabilized ladder to roof, fixed step into rig & added new rug cover, scrubbed fish off bumper, repaired torn seam in awning, replaced screen on door, installed satellite plate, cleaned out basement storage and gave her a much needed scrub down bath

Engine: Exchanged house battery with engine battery and replaced house battery, new plugs & wires, new windshield wipers

I’m in the process of adding pics of all these improvements to the 1985 CrossCountry Sport Coach tab. Check it out!!



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