Back at it…

Sorry to leave you all hanging!! Everything went fabulously on my visit, now it’s time to get crackin!!

Chris was hard at work while I was away though. He laid the tile in the kitchen, hall & bathroom. Does’t it look great!! More pics to come!!

Now, I have a question for all of you… I painted the kitchen. While I was doing it I wasn’t sure if I liked it but I had to run so I left it to dry. Now that I’m back I don’t think I like it. It looks messy… What do you all think?? And how do you think I should fix it?? Color suggestions?? Painting techniques to cover the imperfections in the wall??

I’d really like to get all the painting done before we move in. After the move I don’t want to have to lock the kids up to do even more painting. I primed the walls then painted a solid Cocoon (Yellowish) color. We really liked the yellow but it was quite bold. I tried sponging off white over the yellow but it took too much away from the yellow, the contrast was too much. So then I tried sponging a blue/green color with some off white sponging overlay. This is how I left it and these are the results in the pics. After all those combos its no wonder it looks messy. Any and all suggestions are welcomed & encouraged!!

More good stuff to come soon!! The last few days are here!!



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