Down Day

After a couple of very stressful days, Chris and I took a down day. Not a day off but a slower day. I finished the paint in the kitchen and ran some important errands while Chris finished hemming the curtains. We got the clean-out scheduled for Monday after the pickup of the last of the sold stuff. Got some cleaning done in Snowball so tomorrow we can move in. Chris even colored my hairs!! Then tonight we went out for some more organizational supplies. I treated myself to a much needed home manicure, complete with sparkles, and Chris caught up on some of his TV shows. When I put it like that it doesn’t sound like much of a down day!! LOL

Gotta be up early to get to moving in!! It’s so exciting…we’re finally here!! Tuesday is our set sail – FINAL – moving date. Gotta get our tushes to Texas!! Be ready for some awesome completion pics!! After tomorrow she’ll be done and we’ll be moved!!

Nighty Night


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