Moving In

I am pleased to announce that the move in process has begun!! All of the projects have been completed and now it’s just time for the finishing touches.

I have to say that this has been, by far, the longest hardest move we have ever done!! We considered ourselves master packers and movers before, maybe after this one we might actually be. We have loaded up whole houses before in a couple days and unloaded in under a day. I’m talking about every dish and towel and picture hung kinda done. This has been weeks and weeks in the process and the clutter & chaos is getting to both of us. The mess is maddening. First the sorting was a challenge – what to keep, what to store and what to take with us. Then the coordinating of the order to do things was difficult – how soon to quit work, how soon to start selling stuff (especially the stuff we are still using), how to sell the stuff. Then there’s trying to find the balance of working on Snowball and emptying a house full of stuff one way or another.

Don’t let anyone try and fool you when embarking on this lifestyle change!! This part is hard work and very very stressful. You will be overwhelmed. You will be pushed to the edge. You will cry. And for one fleeting moment you will wonder if it really is worth all this. We believe it is. Any dream, whether its to have a baby, get a promotion, finish school, travel the world or build a business is going to have these moments. The stressful, “I don’t know if I can do this!” moments, the “I’m not strong enough” thoughts and the times when you throw your hands up in the air in total frustration and say “I give” are bound to happen. When this happens just stop. And breathe. In and out. One after anther. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. See your dream. See yourself holding your newborn baby, see yourself in the corner office, see yourself walking across the stage in your cap & gown, see yourself in the city of your dreams, see yourself as the president of the company you built. When I stop and breathe and close my eyes I see Chris and I sitting under the awning of the RV, sipping our coffee, I’m reading a book and he’s on the laptop, I can hear the birds chirping, the morning air is crisp and cool and I am completely relaxed and happy beyond measure. All of the work, worry, stress and tears are worth getting to that moment.

Within a week we will be on our Gate in southern Texas. We will be living our dream. We’ll have made it happen, all by ourselves. All the hard work will have paid off. We’ll be free.

Tomorrow is a BIG day. The charity is coming to pick up all of the leftovers, the last couple sold items are being picked up, we are finishing the move in and the storage is being loaded. After all that we are taking a little nap and we’re off. We are heading straight to San Antonio to do our testing and then to the Gate.

I couldn’t end this Mother’s day post without a good pic or two. We love you Moms!! Big hugs & kisses!!


One thought on “Moving In

  1. this is the adventure of a lifetime… its only just begun… enjoy every minute. i love you both tons and am soooo very proud of you and everything you have accomplished.

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