One more day….

Yet another fun filled day!! Packing for storage, moving into the RV, pick up of some of the left over stuff, pick up of the last of the sold stuff. Lots of hard work.

We found a couple on BooKoo that will take anything you are giving away, big or little, new, used or broken – anything! They are a husband and wife team that do this to support their family. They repair, restore, refinish and refurbish the items for resale. I think we may have overwhelmed them with the volume of stuff we had for them, though I tried to warn them ahead of time. They are the nicest, politest, courteous, quiet and respectful couple. And hard working!! The two of them took 6 loads in a regular size truck in 4 hours!! The gratitude they have is so strong and genuine that you feel as though you can touch it! They will be back in the morning to take at least another 4 loads with the last of the goods. It sure does feel good to help someone with a hand up.

Tomorrow is going to be the big finale. The last of the things will be picked up, the last of our stuff to save will be boxed up and loaded into storage, the RV will be fully moved into and we’ll have a bed to sleep in. After the last of the goodbyes we’ll be on our way to San Antonio at long last!!

I can’t help but think of the saying “This too shall pass”. In a week we’ll be at our gate in Texas. All the hard work, muscle aches, set backs and headaches will be over. We’ll have made it!!

Well, off to sleep now…

Lots of finished pics to come tomorrow!! Promise!!


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