12 hours…and counting!!


The rig is 95% moved into. Storage is 95% moved into. The stuff is 85% gone. Cleaning is 0% done.

We only have this & that left in the house for the rig. The microwave, both office chairs, the essential bathroom things, and our kids!!

Storage was complete until those last few forgotten things were discovered. Now there’s the “this & that” box going for one last trip.

As for the stuff well that’s a different story all together. Those nice people I was telling you about yesterday… Well they were a no call no show today. Yep!! To say we were ticked off would be the understatement of the year!! You see, if they had shown up and did what they said they were going to do we would be done. We would be happily napping in the rig to wake up and drive off into the sunrise. But NO!! The time we would have spent cleaning was spent setting up a charity & bulk garbage pick up and then packing the stuff to be picked up. Which still isn’t completely done…

So, tomorrow we have to haul the big left over furniture to the curb and finish bagging & boxing the charity pick up stuff and clean the whole house from top to bottom. Plus run to get the tire changed out on Big Red, run the last lonely box to storage fill the LP tanks. No biggie. We’ll be on the road by noon!!

We did get our new bed today!! We managed to squeeze in a full size mattress. That’s right, squeeze it in!! I wasn’t kidding when I said the bedroom consisted of a bed & a closet!! The new mattress is double the height of the one we took out…think it needed replacing?? Never mind someone elses icky germs & cooties!!

I got to ride in the rig tonight for the first time to go pick up the mattress. It’s totally different than I expected. I kept thinking it would feel like a Uhaul truck since the length is about the same. Oh NO!! It feels like a bus!! And not just any bus, the kind that has no nose so you feel like you’re in the backseat of the guy in front of you… And she is a wide old girl…good gravy the hips on her!! And she swings em wide around those turns!! I can completely understand why Chris wants me to follow him instead of towing Big Red. I don’t know if this gal can handle anymore junk in the trunk!!! But she did purr and ride smooth. It was a good test run too of how well we had things loaded in for the road. A couple things need to be adjusted but not too bad for my first RV pack job, if I do say so myself!!

Well it’s off to the couch for a nap. Gotta be up bright & early to get this adventure on the road!! I’m gonna take some after pics tomorrow for yens, promise!! She is such a beauty!!

Until then…


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