Captains Blog, Stardate 65846.9-

After several weeks in dry dock, we are finally on the maiden voyage of the USS Snowball.  My crew is a bunch of scardy cats who refuse to come out of their quarters during warp.  If this persists, there will be a court martial in their future.  So far only a few things were overlooked, I’ll have to have a word with the boys at Starfleet over that.

Wow, ok… enough of that.  Too much TV Land I guess….

This thing is HUGE!!!!  It drives completely different from when we got it till now.  The tires were at least 20 psi low the first time I drove it and the only real weight it had was the mattress.  Now, well let’s just say that it is loaded with everything we MAY THINK we need.  And I put air in the tires….  Better, but still is going to need a little work after we get to Texas.  Snowball will definitely need an oil change and a tune up.

Over the first few days we were planning to re run the path I took with my dad after graduation, down 57 to Kentucky in to Tennessee, however, my GPWes told me to take a right on to a different road and we ended up in Missouri and Arkansas…  I know what you’re thinking, “Why do you call it a GPWes?”  Well that’s easy, I changed the “Recalculating” wav file to a “Golly-Man” wav file.  Note to self, I need to get more wav files from my dad to Finnish the transformation…

From what I can tell, we had about 320 miles of Illinois road, about 20 of that was without construction.  Too bad it was broken to…

Total so far:

350 miles – $275 in gas

3 square Mc Meals – $50 and 2 rolls of TP

Waking up in Illinois and going to sleep in Arkansas – Priceless


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