On the Road Again!!

We made it to the Memphis KOA Campground last night after quite the day. Lots of stories to tell and pics to share!!

We got a little bit of a late start due to a little water problem…is there such a thing as a ‘little’ water problem?? Not so much!! I discovered something was off when I went to make the coffee. The water is coming out in a dribble, but enough of a stream that I could fill the coffee pot, it just took FOREVER!! I just figured I wasn’t doing something right, not pushing a button or something. So after Chris had his initial first mug of coffee, his eyes were actually open and once again the loving man I call my husband instead of that caffeine fiend that shows up every morning and about 3pm, I asked him about the water. I definitely should have waited just a little bit longer – like a pot of coffee’s worth!! So after some choice words, poking around under the rig (on the gravel), a few other choice words and some test runs Chris discovers that the water is no longer pressurizing and our tank in nearly empty. Seeings as we tested and filled the tank to the brim before rolling out of Illinios and everything was golden – what has happened to our precious water?? No way a couple piddles and a pot of coffee drained that huge tank. The conclusion we came to is that somewhere on the horrible roads of Illinois or the multiple construction areas we went through something was kicked up and punctured our water lines, in multiple places it appears. So my friends – we have no water! It’s the same as in a ‘real’ house, no water is NO water. No shower, no sink water for anything (dishes, hand washing, COFFEE!!), no real potty – we can still piddle but with bottled water to ‘flush’ with. Chris is certain that he can fix the pipes with supplies from the Man Store (Home Depot or Lowes) once we get to our Gate in Texas. So onward we go, without water.

We were going to fill our LP tank at the campground to enjoy the benefits of hot water (not such a big deal anymore), a back up for the fridge when we aren’t plugged in and the stove. Unfortunately the lines will need to be inspected again before we can fill up with gas just in case one of those lines was also punctured. So, we’re cooling the fridge and freezer with ice while we are trucking down the highway and we’re without a stove too…

And for the last bump in the road yesterday… Poor Big Red!! She is such a trooper!! Always the good girl, never asking for attention, running great all the time… Until she runs out of coolant. Actually she ran great through the whole deal just got incredibly hot!! I am so glad my eye just happened to glance at the gauge when I hit yet another pot hole in Illinois. She was all the way over to H!! I’m not the car guy but even I know that H is not a good place to be!! So we stop, let her cool, add a bunch of antifreeze and wait…and wait…and then wait a little longer just to be sure. Back on the road we go and Big Red is absolutely perfect again!! She even hit a big milestone yesterday!! See!!

So after the day of adventures we land just outside of Memphis at the KOA campground a little after 9pm. We head straight to the showers!! It was a long, hot and sticky drive!! Then it’s off to start the laundry, all 4 loads of it!! Jeez, never realized how often we did the wash before!! $14.00 later and everything we own is now clean again…folded & put away…that’s a different story. So off to find grub at 11:30… Another dinner in a sack unfortunately, can’t wait to cook some real food again!! A little tone down and it’s another 1am bedtime for us. Just another day in Semi-Retirement!!

We’re wrapping it up to take off. It’s San Antonio or bust today. We’re only 12 hours out, not too bad!! It’ll be late when we get there again but that’s ok…we both like the night driving better anywho.

Here’s a pic of the last rest stop of the night. Kinda puts it into perspective…

Hope you all enjoy Chris’ entry!! He is just so damn cute!!!

Love & Miss you all already!!


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