Fort Worth TX

Hiya Blog friends!! Sorry for the silence yesterday. To say it was a long and trying day just wouldn’t do it justice. So let’s recap.

We started off right outside of Little Rock AR. We found a lovely campground there right at closing Saturday night. The guy was so friendly and helpful unlike the lady at the KOA campground just outside of Memphis that we had just left…lets just say she was NOT a happy camper!!

Anywho, our goal was to hit Fort Worth yesterday a nice light day of travel compared to our others. Our only obstacle was Dallas. You see it looked real scary on the map and there was a ton of construction so we were hunting out ways around it. Chris found one that only added about 45 minutes onto our total time so we thought we’d go for it. Well…the GPS isn’t too fond of Texas, she keeps freaking out. Telling us to turn when turning isn’t an option, calling street names & highways by different names, things that are kinda important when trying to find a turn off onto a new highway!! So we circled on the outskirts of Dallas for over an hour trying to find the right turnoff, we never did find the bugger!! Instead we gave up and headed straight into the maze of on and off ramps. And it was completely and totally fine!! NO construction, no delays, no traffic jams, no lane closures, no closed ramps, everything went just as smooth as could be!! And we were through it all in about 45 minutes. Yep!! It took us less time to get through it than it did looking for the way around it!! And seeing how Dallas is just outside of Fort Worth we were home free!!

Or so we thought… Well, remember how I was telling you about Big Red overheating… So, apparently the pot hole in Illinois I hit actually cracked the radiator. And we can tell it was the jarring from the point of the crack, nothing but a teeth rattling jarring is going to do that to a solid radiator!! But we didn’t discover it until she over heated again yesterday and we could see the steam coming out of the crack. (This was earlier in the day) Nice huh?!? So we’re done squeezing our cheeks through Dallas and we only have to get to the other side of Fort Worth to stop for the night. Great!! Fabulous!! Wonderful!! Yippee!! And then Big Red starts getting hot again…and hotter…and hotter… We had to pull off the interstate a whole 14 miles from the campground cuz she was literally boiling. We pop the hood and she is smoldering hot!! Not such a good thing… Let her cool down and add more antifreeze. She won’t drink it. Refuses to take her medicine. Everything we try and she just won’t suck up the green goodness.  Now what?? Well Chris says the only option is to pop the radiator cap and poor the antifreeze straight in. It sounded dangerous to me but Chris said we’d let her cool a bit longer first. So that’s exactly what he did and it worked like a charm!! We were back on the road 10 minutes later and 10 minutes after that we were at the campground for the night. Took a quick dip in the pool and called it a day!!

This morning was our test to become licensed security guards in TX. It was so easy!! Read this binder of materiel and take a 50 question test and poof we’re licensed. I must admit when Chris read it and finished it way before me I had a little nervousness…what if I don’t pass but he does?? No need to worry!! We only missed a couple, solid A for both of us!! Next we were off to meet the owner of the company we are going to be working for, LOMA. Doug is a super nice guy, he has been so patient with us, waiting on us to get out here and answering all our questions. It was nice to finally get to meet him in person!! After our meeting we headed over to Camping World so Chris could ask the service guys about the brakes and pick up a few needed supplies. He said the brakes started making a sound and feeling a little funny and wanted to be sure before we headed out again. After a long chat with the guy, all I really heard was blah blah blah boy stuff blah blah blah, but Chris translated that they’ll be fine to get us down there but one of his projects is going to have to be new brake pads before our next jaunt. I was good with that so we headed to JellyStone (Yogi Bear) RV park for a little rest. This is such a groovy campground!! It’s the best we’ve seen yet and it stinks cuz we are only here for a few hours!! Not a lot of time for fun…not this time at least…we will be coming back with plenty of time to play!!

The plan is to take a good nap, get up super early, shower and hit the road. We were warned to go through Austin at night and we want to definitely be through San Antonio before morning rush hour. We found out the closest town to our gate, Carizzo TX, and it’s real close to the Mexican border. So that means a total of 6 hours more to go until we land at our gate!! This is a brand new gate for LOMA so nothing is happening on it just yet, they said we’ll probably have close to a week of silence on the gate. Which sounds perfect to us!! Plenty of time to get everything set up and the service man to come out to look at fixing our water lines. Fantabulous!!

Well tomorrow is the big day!! Lots to report I’m sure. But now it’s time for a little nappie poo.

Until then…


One thought on “Fort Worth TX

  1. It is good to read your updates. They read easily and are fun: Wishing you nothing but the best of adventures, a million followers and great adventures.

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