Day One – 5/23

First full day on the Gate. I got some good sleep while Mr stayed up last night. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open another minute. Complete exhaustion and a nice cool rig made for a lovely nights sleep!!

Well I didn’t tell you about the bugs yesterday…all 10,000 of them!! The mosquitos are horrible!! Nasty little blood suckers!! We have biting flies, beetles, moths and mosquitos everywhere!! And I mean by the swarms. Well I’m happy to report that I am now in love with a bird!! All of a sudden as I’m watching these moths and other flying critters in the huge flood lights down swoops a beautiful bird with white tipped wings that is dive bombing the moths and gobbling them all up!! Looks like she’s even went and got some friends to share the good eats with. It’s amazing the difference they’re making in such a short period of time!! I wonder how many they can grab out of mid-air like that before bringing their spoils back to the babies in the nest?? Cool birds but we’re still getting a zapper!! I don’t like being held hostage in the rig by a bunch of bugs. Every time I’ve had to go out to tend to the gate I have returned with numerous new bites so inside the rig we stay. Ugghh. Now is the cool nice part of the day I’d like to be outside enjoying but NO. At least not without being eaten alive!! Yesterday Rick was explaining to us that he hasn’t seen mosquitos like this here in 30 years but due to the high level of rain they have been getting they are here in full force and apparently very hungry!

The other creepy crawly things are the norm though. So last night while they were working on moving the trailer Chris saw a scorpion, aw shucks I missed it…but I know where he lives now and won’t be venturing in that direction. Then when I was out I think I saw one of it’s babies… Definitely staying away from that disaster waiting to happen!! While Chris was up last night he saw an armadillo and a tree frog


And before bed I saw a cute little bunny, that bunny ran faster than anything I could of imaged, but I guess when dinners involved the race is on. Later in the morning I saw a roadrunner but Chris missed him. And he ran faster than my sad little a camera would go. Next time for sure!! Rick warned us there could be some big animals around – bob cats, badgers, deer, elk, maybe cows. And then there’s the smaller ones – the rattle snakes, lizards, scorpions Today was kinda strange…

We put up the screen house to have somewhere safe outside from all the flying nuisances. We set it up for waiting at the gate and to cook on the coleman stove.

Then Chris went into town for some groceries and supplies (bug killer) and I tended the gate. I figured he’d be gone a good 2 hours since it’s at least a good 20 minutes to get down the gravel road to the highway. Nevermind the new town and new stores to navigate through. It took 3 1/2 hours to go to the grocery, Walmart and radio shack/furniture store/antique dealer (too funny). Its 45 minutes to the grocery (but they have fabulous produce – all local) and then another 25 minutes to the Walmart and then a stop at the gas station, Auto Zone and Radio Shack and then all the way back home. I totally get how it would take 3 1/2 hours now but while waiting I was worried sick!! With all the overheating issues Big Red has been having, not having a phone with service, it sounded like bad news. But no, he had fun toodling around town, checking things out, shopping. Unfortunately he didn’t find a laundrymat or post office to have our mail forwarded to so in the next day or so I’ll venture down the gravel road and see what I can find.

Chris did get us a new phone since Sprint has NO service on the gate, we can’t even roam out here, but in town we were fine, kinda funny. He got us a month by month ATT phone with unlimited talk, text & data for $50 a month. Not too shabby and even out here in the sticks we are getting full strength signal and getting on the web hasn’t been a problem. Next will be real internet but we gotta get the water situation looked at first. Shower or Facebook?? Shower hands down!!

So Chris had a little nap this morning and an even  one this afternoon. He said he was going to take a quick nap before dinner, well that was 3 1/2 hours ago and he ain’t budging. I can’t blame him, I don’t know if I coulda stayed awake again all night with just a few hours sleep spread out throughout the day either. I’m just gonna let him sleep as long as I can stay awake.

Until next time


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