Thursday… 5/24

It’s Thursday…think. Ain’t that great?!?! We are still setting up house but only while it’s cool!! Our whole schedule revolves around the heat factor. Other than that it’s whatever!! The gate is slow for now which leaves lots of time for reading, playing Sudoku (my first book and I’m loving it!!), chatting, watching the birds, chess, blogging and naps!!

We worked on leveling the rig this morning, it’s a bit better but we may have to raise the one side just a smidge more. Gonna see how it settles then adjust again. Chris got up on the roof and made some adjustments to the awning. We got the new BBQ grill set up and grilled the steak meant for last nights dinner for breakfast. Why not?? So we’re cooking our steak on our new charcoal grill (Ed’s right, can’t beat a good charcoal grill!!) and there was a couple of men surveying the land lines around the gate. Super nice guys!! Every last one of them has been so polite and patient with us while we get the hang of this thing. Anywho, the one guy is getting out of the truck with a generic spray bottle hosing himself down and it smells like cookies. Funny right! So I have to ask…he said it’s a secret home recipe for mosquito repellent. I tell him I gotta know because none of the store bought chemicals are doing jack for these beasts. He said it’s vanilla extract diluted in water. That’s why he smelled like cookies!! When they came back around awhile later he said that it was working like a charm!! So Vanilla Extract just went to the top of my grocery list!!

So the Air Conditioner is running almost nonstop which is a lot for this old girl…by the time it gets to the heat of the day, high of 100 today, she’s tired. I have a call into the mobile RV repair guy. When he comes out we are going to get her recharged but in the meantime no AC before noon, save her umph for when it’s really needed!! Chris rigged the shower to work, kinda….enough until the plumbing is repaired. It is a small small small shower stall. Chris has to hunker down and I’m like max height, which ain’t saying much. There’s no water pressure but the water does come out the shower head. I was able to use it but not very gracefully or efficiently. After a few choice words, a big bruise on my hip and a little crying I am clean and smell pretty again so it did its job!!

We had such a lovely morning, it was overcast so it kept the heat at bay a little longer. Chris took at nice nap while I got some sorting and cleaning done. Then we had some coffee together and I took a very short nap. It had gotten so hot…the AC just couldn’t keep up! So I got up a little cranky, hungry and HOT!! So I had a little moment…tantrum…episode…pity party…whatever you wanna call it. That’s when Chris threw my bitchy ass in the shower. Such a smart man because after that ordeal I was able to cool off and step back and breathe. I realized how blessed we are. How grateful I am for the things we have. Is it all perfect, No. But I have a roof over my head, a comfy bed to sleep in, food to eat, clothes to wear, a good job that I enjoy, a husband who loves me unconditionally and is the joy of my life and three fabulous kids. So what if the water I have isn’t actually running water, so what if I have 100 mosquito bites, so what if the AC only runs half the day, so what if the ride into town involves a 6 mile stretch of gravel road, SO WHAT!! We are happy, healthy and safe. Life is good and we are extremely grateful!! I was guilty of taking some of the “given” comforts for granted. Not anymore!! Electricity, running water, a stove and refrigerator and so many more things are blessings to be grateful for not just a given. What are you grateful for?? Which blessings do you inadvertently take for granted??


2 thoughts on “Thursday… 5/24

  1. I get to laugh everyday… that is my blessing. I look forward to reading your blog, My kids are the bestest. I know love..

  2. been in a travel trailer in Texas many times. and it is a very buggy state and you know everything is bigger in Texas. lol!! sounds like you are settling in nicely! love reading the blog ~ what fun

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