Happy Saturday!

Good Morning! I’m so glad yens are enjoying the updates. Keep the comments coming, we love hearing from you! Plus it lets me know I’m not talking to myself! 🙂
It’s a lovely, quiet morning on the gate. So far at least. Yesterday was our busiest day and of course it all happened while I was in town. Chris is such a trooper though. We both love our new job! The guys are so friendly and polite, I’ve never been called maam so much in my life!
Went to the Walmart, laundry mat and dumped trash in town yesterday. It took 20 mins to get down the gravel road and another 25 mins of highway to get to Pearsal. Big Red did beautifully, Chris did get the materials to fix that radiator when he went to town earlier this week. Anywho, the Walmart is not a Super Walmart. I knew it wasn’t but I was still surprised at how small it was. But they had everything but the bug zapper (trying Ace next for that) on my list so it did the job! Top of the list was the Vanilla Extract & squirt bottle – check (I’ll let you all know if it really works!), next was 2 jumbo front window sun reflectors – check, last but not least was the 6 gallons of drinking water (we have been using 1 a day for coffee alone). Mission accomplished! Next on to dump the trash. That’s the one service they do not provide for us. The trailer we are hooked up to has a generator for all our power, a 350 gal water holding tank and the fuel for the generator. Next to the trailer is a holding tank for the sewage (I’ll take pics once the bugs thin out over there). So everything is provided but trash… I can only assume in town they are used to the setup we have here because there’s a dumpster out front of the laundry mat, which just happens to be my other stop. The laundry mat was ok but I was able to do 3 loads of laundry for under $5. Can’t complain about that!
Chris got the TV & computer setup while I was gone. He was able to read his comics on the computer last night while I was sleeping. He had to run a separate extension cord straight from the generator to the UPS for the electronic setup. I just thought that was hilarious!! Leave it to my Mr. Man to have more electronics than the house can handle!! Now the only downfall is the amount of heat the computer & TV puts out. Not much we can do about that so usage is restricted to only when the house is already cool. Another mission accomplished & crisis averted.
The honey pot man (black water tank/sewage) just got here to flush the 2 tanks and hook us up. Another piece of the setup process complete!
Now to get some work done before it gets too hot. Have a fabulous day!


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