Yesterday was the slowest day yet for the gate. I can’t say I’m surprised the weekends are slower. We were wondering if the influx on Friday was supplies for the weekend. We saw less than half the traffic. Then about 10pm the site boss man sped through saying there was a problem on the site with a well. He came back thru about 45mins later and said something about a busted valve. We have no idea what that means but it doesn’t sound good. We thought traffic might pick up after that but it’s been as quiet as every other night. We’ll see what happens today.
With it being so slow yesterday, not complaining mind you, I was able to tinker in the kitchen a bit. Made a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast, some sun tea, chicken macaronni salad and fresh hamburgers on the grill for dinner. Today is leftover day though! The fridge is full of ’em! We haven’t been eating anything like we used too. That was one of the draws/perks for us in taking this job. Its 45 mins to town for any kind of convenience food, making it very UNconvenient! Good! Don’t need it anyway! Secondly, everything we eat has to be cooked & cleaned up camping style. There’s not much in my new kitchen that’s microwaveable so everything must be cooked outside. So to make the pasta salad I had to go outside and fire up the gas coleman stove, boil the water and then cook the pasta, come in and chop all the veggies, go back outside to boil the chicken, come in to shred the chicken & assemble. Then it’s back outside to warm the dish water on the coleman and back inside to wash the dishes. The process is making us choose much simplier dishes but they’re real! As close to unprocessed as possible too! And like camping it takes a bit of planning considering the additional time it takes to cook & cleanup but also the smaller amount of space we have in the fridge, freezer & cabinet. I have always been guilty of over buying/stock piling groceries & house supplies. Costco & Samsclub just love to see me coming! Just a couple examples, I haven’t bought laundry soap, toothbrushes or Qtips in over 2 years (thanks to great sales at Costco in Boise) and I probably won’t have to for another year! That’s not realistic anymore so we buy for the next few days and go back when we are OUT of something. Anywho, the last reason out eating habits have changed is simply the heat. It’s too hot to want to eat most the time. Let alone prepare, cook & cleanup! We both are enjoying the upgrade of our menu. While getting this all ready there was way more fast food/take out than either one of us likes to admit. But the past is the past, onward & upward as my good friend says!
The honey pot man got us all hooked up yesterday and he’ll visit every 2 weeks for the duration of our stay. So every Tuesday the water tank & gas for the generator is refilled and every other Saturday the honey pot is emptied. We’re curious to see how much we are actually using. Something you never think of in a ‘traditional’ home.
We were able to watch our first movie last night. Chris chose “This Means War”. It was a sweet romantic comedy, besides Reece Whitherspoon is so sinkin cute anywo!
Today’s big plan is to wage war on the bugs!! Too many are getting inside. Chris is going to seal all the overhead vents and we are putting down a powder bug killer barrier around the RV. I’m gonna hose down the screen room with the deluted vanilla extract too. I have so many bites its ridiculous!! And of course our tennis racket bug zapper died yesterday, just another thing for the Ace list. You gotta marvel in the irony of it! The only other ‘to do’ today is a walk. I want to walk down towards the drill site. Stretch my legs, see how far down it is, maybe see something…like what it is. But that’s dependent on the heat & bugs.
Hope you all have a wonderful end to youre weekend! Don’t forget to enjoy the adventure!!


8 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. Does the vanilla extract stuff work? Having a great day here grillin but for fun not cause we have to. RV livin does cut down on the excess. Sounds like you are settling in nicely. Keep the updates coming; love to read about your adventures

    • Thanks Michelle! I’m glad you are enjoying our adventures with us! As for the vanilla extract deluted in water as a bug repelent…YES!! It has been working very nicely! It’s cut down the number of bites dramatically. Chris wasn’t sure about it, he thought it would make him sticky. No worries there either!! Such a simple solution to an annoying problem.

  2. Hallelujah on the bug bit stoppage! I’ve been here since March and have been like the buffet line for these critters! And, oh, what an adverse reaction I have to them! Super swelling and makes my joints ache so badly. And I’m not old enough for that yet!
    Can’t wait to try the vanilla solution! We have 5 more weeks here and then we’re off to the sugar beet harvest. I’m ready!
    Great blog, btw. =)

  3. Oooo… I’m glad to hear the vanilla extract and water works! Although I think we are done with mosquitoes where we are and we are headed in the next few months, I will definitely being trying it at some point!

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