Week 1 in review

Sunday was a slow day for the gate! We had 8 trucks check in, 3 of which were at the same time, so between Chris & I, we made 10 trips to the gate all day. We also found out from the boss man when he came to visit us yesterday that this a completed drill site. Meaning it’s up and operational (the stage is called flowback I believe), so this is the pace & people we will more than likely always have. Horray! We were so happy to learn this tid bit of info. We are even wondering if we can request to come back to this gate after our break next March. I think I read somewhere that the flowback is the stage where the couple can sleep at the same time instead of splitting the full 24 hr spread between them. I’m going to go through the older logs & check the last check out time and the earlist check in times just to be sure before talking with the boss man.
So since it was slow Chris split up his sleep so he could chat with an old & dear friend. While he was taking the 2nd half of his nap I got out my nail polish supplies and redid them completely without having to tend the gate. Pretty damn cool beans! While doing my nails I watched “The Bridesmaids”. I can’t remember who told me about the movie but I remember them saying it was so funny. I must not have gotten the humor, it wasn’t my cup of tea.
Today marks 1 whole week on the gate. It’s went so fast but then it also feels like forever ago the we were in Jellystone campground. We are still working on getting setup. We’re finding it takes a lot longer to settle when you’re in a smaller space. I think we have a good handle on the cooking & cleanup though. We both have ventured out to town too. The kids are settling nicely. Everyone has their prefered snuggle spot already!
We love our new job! We get to spend all our time together, the company & boss men are easy to work with/supportive/helpful/yet non smothering, the pay is great, it’s so relaxing and the scenery/wildlife/sunrises/sunsets are gorgeous. We are loving life and so thrilled we took the plunge and went for it!!
Today’s plans include Chris working on the car & taking her for a test drive into town for a few groceries. I’m going to work on setting up house a bit more.
Update on the Vanilla Extract diluted in water as a bug repellent – CONFIRMED!! We have been using it for several days now and the number of bites we’re getting has gone down dramatically. Also, it does NOT make you feel sticky or have an overwhelming Vanilla smell.

Have a great day!!


3 thoughts on “Week 1 in review

  1. Gotta check the cabinet for vanilla extract. much better for little children than pesticides. glad for that little tidbit. Have a good day!!

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