Produce Galore!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! It was nearly noon before we realized it was a holiday. How ironic seeing as in our old life we would have been counting the weeks then days until the long weekend got here. Then it’d be gone in a flash and the process would start all over again. Just something that makes ya go Hmmmm…
It was a very busy gate day despite the holiday. I guess when there’s a broken valve it doesn’t matter. Lots of new guys and equipment coming through to work on it. We haven’t heard if it’s fixed yet but the traffic today should give us a clue.
Thanks to the vanilla extract solution and the extreme heat (gonna be 100 today) the mesquitoe problem is much better! Now we are looking for help for sand fleas. We have never had to deal with fleas period. Now that the RV sits on a pad of sand and gravel they are getting in. This morning when Chris did the generator’s regular maintenance the sand was a moving black blob with the little blood suckers. A couple days ago I sprinkled some ant & spider powder around the rig hoping it would deter them, apparently not! My next idea is to use bleach on them, either spray bleach on all the hoses, cords and generator trailer or pour a bleach line around the RV and trailer, or BOTH!!! They’re nasty little buggers that really give us the creapy crawlys but it’d be even worse if they got to the kids. Any help, ideas, suggestions, product info would be greatly appreciated!! Otherwise bleach it is!
After Chris worked on the car a bit yesterday morning she needed to be taken on a test run. I volunteered to go to the grocery. Chris did the grocery run last week and came back with stories of gorgeous produce and fresh meat at good prices. I told him this is Texas not Heaven! The grocery store is H.E.B., it stands for Here Everythings Better – cute huh!?!? So I get there and all of his claims are true! The produce is fresh and clean, there’s no need to dig for a good peach or avacado, they’re ALL good! Perfect example – corn on the cob, on sale 6/$1, not a single piece of corn was opened, no husks everywhere, no huge garbage can, because everyone knew it was good fresh corn. I cleaned ours up last night and they’re perfect. Today I’m going to process the rest of the fruits & veges, gotta condense to make a little room…I may have gotten a little too excited… All the meat was gorgeous too, a little more spendy but we’re eating very little meat so it goes tons farther. I also heard there’s a HEB Plus another town over that has a huge health food section, organic fruits & veges and grass fed beef. When Big Red is ready for a longer test drive I’m going!
On my drive to town I saw a HUGE snake! It was sunning on the gravel road. At first when I was coming up to it I thought it was a tire. It was huge. I didn’t stop for a closer look to see if it was a rattle snake, I do wish I had gotten a picture now though. I also saw another road runner and a close up of a hawk. Then on the way home I saw the biggest cow ever!! She was laying in the shade of a medium size tree and took up all the shade it had to offer! At the gate I have several new birds. I need to get back online or a bird book to look them up. I also need to find a way to put up my bird and hummingbird feeders. I thought I was going to be able to hang them from the awning but the wind has spiked a few times where we’ve had to put the awning up in a hurry so thats not an option. I’d like them to come closer for me & the kids to watch!
That’s all for now folks.


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