Into town we go…Again!

It’s hot!! They’re calling for 102 today, nearly record breaking temps. Ugghhh. It’s 88 in the rig right now and we have another 4 hours to go before it starts cooling off. The little AC is doing all she can to try to keep up. Chris got some window tint today for the main window we keep open all the time to watch the gate. Praying it will help keep some of the heat out!
The gate traffic has picked up since the holiday. They did get the broken valve fixed late yesterday so things should calm back down now. Our resident (the one guy who lives on site) left this morning for a week long break after being on site a full month. Still waiting to meet his replacement.
Last night we saw an animal off in the distance at dusk. Chris swears it was an antelope, I thought it looked like a goat. But I’ve been known to misquote animals before… The camera was no help. From the pics it coulda been Big Foot. Our armadillo visits every morning now. We still haven’t been able to capture a pic of the road runner…he’s just too fast! Chris did get a pic of a carcass on the side on the gravel road. Fun huh?!?! I saw it last time I ran to town but couldn’t tell what it used to be. Chris said it was a coyote in its younger days. The mesquitos are so much better! That is one of the good parts of it being so stinkin hot – the little blood suckers can’t survive! Now fleas, especially sand fleas, they seem to be just fine with the heat. Damn it!! But with a little more research, an idea from my sister and a run into town we are ready to do battle against the pesky buggers! I found a tip to use salt to dehydrate them and Becky found a tip to put out small cups full of water and several drops of dish soap to lure them in. The 2 tips seem to be working well together to get rid of the current intruders. To keep them out Chris got some bug barrier spray to be used inside & out. No worries it’s kid friendly once dried. This we can spray along all the floorboards and especially by the door. As for outside the whole front will be sprayed down and all the hoses and cords coated. We are also adding a thick salt line around the whole rig & trailer. I just dare ’em to try to cross it! Chris always did want a moat…
Speaking of Mr, he ran to town this morning for a few key items that I missed at the grocery…creamer, while a vital part of day to day life in the eyes of a coffee addict not nearly as important as Toliet Paper!! Jeez!! I’m hoping we can make just one trip to town next week. It’s silly to keep running for a couple things but when you’re used to being able to run around the corner it’s a hard habit to break.
Another movie review – “Good Luck Chuck”. Very very cute romantic comedy with Jessica Alba. Great date night movie!
Tonight’s dinner is a first for me… Cooking in foil on the grill. We’re having breakfast hobo style scramble with sausage, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and eggs topped with shredded cheese. Wish me luck!!


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