Slower Pace

Today has been a nice slow day on the gate. The broken valve is all fixed up so the extra traffic is gone. Back to the regulars and the slow n steady pace. Nice!
Looks like we might get us a little thunderstorm tonight. By the way the clouds have been rolling through and the high winds…I believe it! Plus Chris says he can smell the storm, not rain but he can smell the storm. Apparently it smells a lot different than rain cuz it sure don’t smell like rain round here! KooKoo!
The cloud cover helped keep the rig cooler today even though it’s 98 outside right now. The high winds and the screen room had a little toe to toe and I’m sad to say the wind won. Ripped that screen room outta the ground and threw it down the road. From what we could tell she is still intact and useable minus one stake loop. Wind ripped it clean off! So ‘camp’ is broken down for the night to be reassembled in the morning once this mess has passed.
Had a super nice chat this morning with one of the regular big rig guys. His wife is an animal vet. So we swapped some pet stories, my 3 kids vs his 7 (3 cats, 3 dogs & a parrot). Nice guy! Got some good info on the rain, the guys that work here, the area, all kinds of goodies.
Getting ready for the day guys to leave then it’s time to bbq some pork chops, dishes, hair cut for Mr and showers for everyone!
When you simplfy you simplify everything. It’s not just about getting rid of the stuff. It’s about focusing on whats really important and letting the rest go. We are working on that. Slowing down. Taking it all in. Living in the moment. All the crap, chaosis, games, drama – who needs it?!?! Who wants it?!?! Not us!!! It doesn’t have to be so complicated.
Just in case anyone’s concerned or worried about us, please don’t be. This is an accurate & honest account of what happens with us day in day out. It’s realistic. No sugar coating, no fluff. And we are having a blast!! A few bugs and a little heat aint enough to dampen our party spirit!! We’re just getting started!!
Until next time….


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