I think I jinxed us this morning… From the moment I posted that update it’s been non-stop crazy busy!!! No way either of us could leave…we had to tap each other out just to pee! Huge gigantic pieces of equipment kept rolling in on semi after semi. So far today we’ve logged in & out the same number of people as the last 3 days combined!!
Finally got to talk to one of the regular guys to find out what in the world is going on down there. He said they shut the whole well down to work on it. It should only take 2-3 days then we’ll be back to normal. Thank heavens!! Might be a long weekend but at least its not gonna last.
On a brighter note it must be butterfly season. We have tons! Every size & color. They are so beautiful! We’ve been trying to get pics but the camera isn’t cooperating. We need to get a new one…we’re just missing too much good stuff!!
Sorry to be short and sweet but I’m exhausted and I need to figure out dinner still.
Happy Birthday Jami!! Love ya!!
More to come…


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