Questions Answered

A quick post to answer some questions before we start dinner. Tonight we’re having pork chops, potatoes, onions, mushrooms & cream of mushroom soup in a foil pack on the grill.
Question 1:
What city are you closest to in Texas?
We are right between Dilley & Pearsall TX on the map. Our gravel road connects HWY 117 & HWY 57.
Question 2:
How far & how long does it take you to get to town?
It is approximately 25 miles to Pearsall. It takes a full 30 minutes to get down the 5.5 mile long gravel road and then another 15 minutes to go the rest of the way on the highways. I clocked it when I ran to town today. It was a 3 hour round trip trek to go to the HEB & Family Dollar.
Question 3:
Do people come and go on your gate 24/7?
No. The guys are all gone for the night or settled in for the night by 7pm. We don’t have visitors until 3:45am when the safety guys tap each other out from their 12 hr shifts. It’s usually quiet after that till nearly 7am. We did have the boss man run through here at 10pm the night the valve broke. That is why we have to be here 24/7, just in case they need us.
Question 4:
How do you sleep if it’s 24/7?
We sleep in shifts. We are still working out the timeframes, especially on the days we go into town. But usually I go to bed by 11pm and get up between 3-5am. Depending on how tired Chris is. Then he sleeps until 10am-ish. We may take turns napping during the day dpending on how early we got up and how hot it is in the rig.
Question 5:
How long do you have to stay there? How long are you going to?
They request a minimum of 90 days at a time on a gate. We are planning on staying put until the first of March. A total of 9 months on the gate before our first break. We haven’t decided where we’re going for break or how long of a break we’re taking yet.
Question 6:
What are you cooking without a stove or oven?
We eat normal stuff just cooked outside. Homemade Hamburgers, BLTs, Hobo breakfast scramble in foil, BBQ pork chops with grilled corn on the cob, grilled chicken breast for wraps and chicken salads, Steaks with grilled veggies, Steak & Egg scamlette. Everyday menu stuff, we just cook it all on the grill or coleman stove.
Ok, now I’m hungry!! Time to fire up the coals for the pork foild packs!
Later Taters!


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