Questions Answered – Part 2

I’ve had several questions asked about the kids (3 cats – Dickie, Goober & Pinks) so lets start there.
1. Where is the potty box and does it get stinky in such a small space?
Our original plan was to put the potty box on the floor boards of the passenger seat. Unfortunately the way we need to have the seat positioned to see the gate there isn’t enough room. So it’s still in the kitchen area on the tile floor. Not ideal at all!! Kinda icky and we’re constantly shifting it depending on what’s being done in the kitchen. Our next idea is to put it in the shower stall so it only has to be moved once a day. The challenge with this option is that we would need to take off the shower door permanently. Where would we put it? Would the next owner care if the shower has no door? As for the stinky factor we’ve had a couple moments (thanks to Dickie) but overall it hasn’t been an issue with daily scooping of the order controling litter.
2. Did you give in on the wet food?
No! Dickie has had his last puck of wet food. As we were hoping, with everything going on and the extreme change in schedule he hasn’t even asked for it! They do get Pounce treats in their bowl a couple times a day. Dickie is looking lean & mean! He has lost several pounds the old fashioned way!
3. How are the kids handling the heat?
We have 4-6 hours of extreme heat a day. Considering there’s 24 hrs to account for that ain’t bad. They all sprawl out on the tile (great pic of this to come) when it’s the hottest but are handling it as well as we are.
4. Are the kids still able to play?
Absolutely! They still chase each other around only now its a jungle gym instead of a straight away! And Pinks and I play go fish with her fishing pole nearly every morning.
5. Do the kids go outside?
Absolutely NOT!! There are big animals and birds for that matter that would have my kids as a snack. Absolutely not!! And they haven’t went for the door even once.
Alrighty, keep the questions coming and I’ll answer more in a bit. Time for Sunday breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Questions Answered – Part 2

  1. We keep our kitties inside too. Don’t want fleas, ticks, etc. There’s enough bugs already!

    From time to time, we take them outside on our shoulder, but don’t put them down. We want them to know where they live.

    Our kitty box is in the bathroom in the washer/dryer hookup closet. We bought this 5th wheel specifically because we needed a place for the kitty box. It’s working out well. Just have to vacuum kitty litter every day!

    Good story about the lost dog, by the way. Glad it had a happy ending.

  2. Thanks Susan!! I had hoped we’d hear how the doggie was doing…I’ve been worried since he was so skinny but I’m gonna take it as no news is good news!! I’m not sure if our kids would want to go out…even on our shoulders…I think we’d end up looking like string beans cuz they’re such sissys!! LOL. We’re working on a solution to the kid’s potty box issue…more to come on that!!
    Stay cool out there hon!! Gonna be a scorcher!!

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