Excitement Abounds

What an exciting morning we had!
So I run out to the gate, sign some guys in and head back to the rig. To my surprise there is this huge hairy spider waiting for me just under the rig by the step inside!! So I hopped inside, grabbed the camera ran back out got a couple good pics. Crazy right? I had to have proof that it really was a tarantella not just an exaggeration of a big spider!

“Mostly Harmless”

And it was about the size of a softball!! I didn’t get close enough to see it’s fangs though… Chris was sleeping when I discovered our guest (thank heavens!). But when he did see him he handled it much better than I was expecting…that is until we lost him…not knowing where it went totally freaked him out! Smart spider, he must of heard all the different ways Chris was plotting to kill him and ran away.
After I found the spider but before Chris woke up a dog came into the gate. Let’s back up… A couple days ago a fella come to the gate asking if we’d seen a dog. He had lost his dog with half a blue eye while hunting wild boar a couple miles down the road. He said he figured he was dead but thought he’d check with us anyhow. Well low and behold I had a very skinny dog in my front yard with one eye that was half blue, never seen nothin like it! I grabbed a bowl for water and he drank & drank. Then I grabbed a brand new package of hot dogs and little guy ate them ALL! It just so happens the next guy to come out the gate knew the guy that owns the dog and a few phone calls later they were happily reunited. The owner said the dog, his name is Suella (spanish for blue) had been lost in the desert since Thursday! That’s 4 incredibly long days & nights for this little guy to stay safe from all the critters out there!
After all the excitement we settled in and called to have all our mail forwarded to the post office in town. Next was the 2nd attempt to get internet through AT&T. The first try left me on the phone for 2 hrs and after they transferred me for the 12th time, no exaggeration, they hung up on me for the 3rd time. I was seeing red so I just let it go… Chris talked to them this time and after an hour it has been confirmed that to get internet going here it’s gonna cost us $500 no matter how you slice it. Really?!?! That Sucks!!!! But what ya gonna do? Gotta have it! So tomorrow while Chris is in town he’s gonna hit some free wifi and do the research to make sure AT&T is our only option for the area. If it is I think he’s gonna bite the bullet and just do it.
So tomorrow is our first hotel day. We decided that once every couple weeks we would treat ourselves to a day away. A day that we can each go to town for a longer period of time, relax in full blast AC, soak in a tub, watch TV, enjoy free wifi and just be. Maybe try the chinese place in town too. So Chris will head to town first to relax and get the room then he’ll come back refreshed & rejuvenated and its my turn to go play. That also means I’ll be able to load some much anticipated pics to the blog!
Book and movie reviews to come soon.
Until then…


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