Week in Review

Things have been a little hectic around here. The gate continues to be busy, the latest word from the site is that their deadline is to finish it all up by Monday…we’ll see…

Chris posted about our trials, frustrations and general dissatisfaction with AT&T so I’m just gonna leave that one alone. But it did consume 2 1/2 days this week…just sayin…

Wednesday I headed into town to do some much needed laundry. Ok, we had to do laundry…or else start the first nudist gate in Texas!! So after 5 loads, I know I know, I set out to get our internet booster and a few groceries. Unfortunately, once I filled the car with all that laundry and a few things from the Walmart Big Red was filled to the brim. No groceries allowed…bummer…but the booster fit, just barely, and back home I go. Now, here I am, going on hour 4 of this “in town” trip and it is nearly 100 degrees outside with full force sunshine. I thought it would be cooler, and I really didn’t have much else to choose from, to wear my spaghetti strap cami top and go on this jaunt with the top down. It might have been cooler if I wasn’t literally being fried, like an egg, in that convertible. I know some of you are thinking why didn’t you just stop and put the top up on the car…sounds very reasonable… Unfortunately, the locks for the top were so hot I couldn’t handle them even with a rag to get the top up… So I finally get home, your own personal fried lobster, to unload everything and fold all that laundry while Chris continues to work on our internet. Only my home wasn’t the cool and comfortable haven I had been expecting…it was hot and stuffy and nearly unbearable. The AC unit was giving all it could but just couldn’t keep up with the nearly 100 degree day with intense sun. We had no choice but to open it all up and hope it’d help. It did NOT. The internal temp thermometer got up to 96.5 before it jumped head first into the kid’s water bowl. We were so hot and miserable…Chris put an ice gel pack on his head, I put a frozen bottle of water…umm…everywhere… I didn’t know if I was going to puke, pass out or just cry. I tried taking a shower to cool off but the water had been warming in the sun all day and was too hot for my sunburn. So I poured cold water we had inside from gallon jugs over my head until my temp fell below the boiling point. After all that, a total of 4+ hours, the temp starts to finally drop to doable range.

With all the fun we had on Wednesday we decided to take all the preventative measures we could on Thursday to help the good ole AC out. We put out the awning super early, she made it several hours too until the wind picked up too much. Chris put up the heat repelling tint on the big living room windows too. We left the AC on the lower setting hoping she wouldn’t give out as quickly if we didn’t push her to high so early in the day. And, thankfully, we had nice cloud cover and a good strong breeze to help in our plight. We also gave each other hair cuts. Chris was in desperate need before we left Illinois so at this point it was cut it all off or get a pony tail holder. That’d be the day!! After he was all buzzed up and showered we went outside to cut off my tail. How ironic is it that I finally find a haircut that I absolutely love and have to cut off all my hair because it’s just too stinkin hot to have it down my back?? So it’s shoulder length now and we may need to take it a little shorter. We’ll cross that bridge when it starts to melt!! What do ya’ll think??

So our plan was working, quite beautifully actually. Don’t ya just love it when a plan comes together!! Until…I’m sitting here playing on the blog, Chris is taking a cat nap, the gate is quiet, all is good. Nope. The electricity to the RV shuts off…AC off, fridge off, fans off, internet off, sensor bells off… Curious. How could I have done that if I didn’t touch a thing but this keyboard?? I thought a circuit had been blown and went to check on the generator. Our plug into the generator is smoking!! OMG!! I run to turn off the generator only to find this –

Yep!! The generator got so hot that it melted one of the plugs off our plug-in!! How is that even possible?? So this whole thing happens at 2pm, we call our contacts at LOMA and they are sending out a guy with a new plug for us and a new outlet for the generator. No problemo. Waiting…it’s getting hotter…and hotter… Now it’s 6pm…no one is here… I call because in 2 – 2 1/2 hours the generator has to be turned on for the flood lights for the gate regardless. He says he’s a couple hours away and rushing to get here before dark. Ok. It’s now nearly 10 pm and the repairman is here to fix up the generator. Finally. Super nice couple… He does all the repair work for LOMA and his wife does sub gate guarding for them. Chris goes to work on installing the new plug and the repair man is installing the new outlet. But the generator has to be turned off to complete the outlet install. It’s probably 11pm now and as dark as dark can be…and they have to turn the flood lights off. Oh crap!! There are things our there, big animals with even bigger teeth!! But that wasn’t the worst part, it was the bugs, all 4000 varieties coming at us from every direction as I try to hold a flashlight for Chris as he finishes up the new plug. Once that plug was done I bolted into the rig. Chris bravely helped the repair man finish up the outlet so we could get the generator and those blessed flood lights back on. With the lights back on we stood out there and chatted for a bit, getting some tips and tid bits on the job and the company, and generally enjoying a leisurely conversation. One of their suggestions was that we get a window AC unit for the back of the rig. He said even the brand new RV AC units can’t keep up with the heat out here and that was our best bet to surviving the summer in southern Texas. Something we are currently looking into!! We said our good-byes around midnight and went inside to enjoy our AC once again. Thankfully we only lost half of the contents of the fridge, we really thought it was going to be a total loss! On the bright side, yes, there ALWAYS is a bright side. We were able to hear all our wildlife, our birds and crickets without the constant hum of the generator and AC unit. And the sunset was absolutely stunning!!

Neither of us can believe it’s Friday already again…where or where did the week go?? This time next week I’ll be in Illinois getting ready for my Mom & Dad’s 35th wedding anniversary party and vow renewal. A real quick trip back for the ceremony and party. When I get back to the gate we’ll be celebrating our first full month as gate guards. Just amazing!!

Big decisions are in the works for us…stay tuned for more info!!


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