Sweet Southern Gentlemen

What a super busy day on the gate yesterday. They guys are finishing up the project down at the well and were loading up to head out. A lot of big semis coming in to pick up equipment to take out. The water truck made several runs down the gravel road and the driver was sweet enough to water our gate to keep some of that dang ole dust at bay even if just for a bit. As the repair guys are heading out the “regulars” are moving back in. It’s good to see them again! We are getting to know them better and the stories are just flooding out of ’em. Mostly stories about the critters they have seen around here…

This is the desert/vast acreage that the critters roam. This is their home, we’re the visitors.

Apparently the favorite question to ask the newbies is if we’ve seen any snakes. We haven’t, not at camp anyway. The one I saw on the gravel road really doesn’t count because that was miles and miles away. When we tell them not yet they just laugh and laugh…not comforting mind you!!

Such as, the hum dinger about the snake with the last GG here – The guy came out of the trailer to open the gate for this fella. The fella in the truck saw the snake slither out from under the trailer right where the guy had just stepped out at.Yikes!! The snake continued to follow right behind the guy nearly to the gate. The nice man in the truck told the GG about the snake following him. The two grown men cornered the snake and the worker cut off it’s head with an ax. Once confirmed the snake was dead he proceeded to cut off his rattler too. Then they draped it across the bed of his truck where it hung over on both sides. I would have thought that a bit of an exaggeration until the fella came through the gate again and showed me the picture. No exaggeration needed, that snake was enormous!!

These men are some of the sweetest I’ve ever met and they say the dardest things. One of the repair fellas that came in early every morning and stayed until late every night left today. As he was taking his last load out he stopped to tell me that he looked forward to seeing me every morning and was going to really miss me. In all my years of working for corporate America I have never ever had anyone say anything so sweet and unsolicitated to me just because he wanted me to know. I realized in that moment that we’re making a difference. I thought when we left the corporate cubicle world that at some point we’d feel like we weren’t contributing, weren’t helping people like we had in our little cubicle cities. But that just isn’t true!! We make a difference. We make this site better for these guys!!

We have a crew of guys from Louisiana here still working on the project down at the well. These guys are a hoot!! We look forward to chatting with them everyday. One of the fellas is really homesick and asked me to cook for the gang. They’d buy the groceries when they make one of their numerous trips into town and we’d all have supper together. I kinda laughed him off thinking how in the world am I going to cook for all 6 of these men on my tiny BBQ and coleman stove. But you know what? Tomorrow I’m gonna tell ’em that I’ll cook for them, absolutely!! Whatever they’d like!! It’ll be great and I can’t wait!!

Now that we have reliable internet back, with Sprint, we are reaching out to the other blogging gate guards around us. I have read so many of their blogs that I feel like we’re already friends!! Crazy sticks to crazy!! Or are we the sane ones…

Here’s to hoping today is a little slower!!


One thought on “Sweet Southern Gentlemen

  1. southern folks are slower talkin – sweeter nature – its a good thing! glad you are finding your spot in the system and feeling
    truly welcomed

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