Poor Babies!!

The gate has been nice and slow just like we were hoping!! What a relief since it is so stinkin hot today!! Less running in and out definitely helps keep it cool inside, just like Mammaw always said “You’re letting all the cool air out!!”.
Trying to stay cool inside led to a lot of updates on the blog!! We added recipes and photos, along with a new blog…not bad for a days worth of posting!! We also started catching up on all the blogs we follow. And I created us a new email address for the blog…spiffy huh?!?!? Madcap328@gmail.com is now at your service for any & all blog inquires, questions & comments.

Slow is good!!

Chris made us HESSers for brunch on the griddle outside. Why is it that his always taste so much better than mine?? Anywho, the recipe is up for all that are interested in a great breakfast sandwich!! Had to get out there and do the cooking for the day before it hit 100 degrees!

So, something is wrong with the generator… First there was the plug melting/smoke/fire problem that was “fixed” with an new plug for the RV and a new outlet for the generator… Then the next night Chris goes out to turn the flood lights on and got a nasty shock with more smoke. Needless to say we aren’t using that light anymore so we’re down to 2 flood lights.  And the normal outlet that the extension cord for the bell is plugged into is blown too. Might I add that it was heavily implied that the plug melting incident was our fault due to using the original factory issued plug. Not sure how our plug would cause the issues with the regular outlet and the flood lights though. And then today, when it’s at peak temps, 104, the generator circuit breaker keeps blowing. Resulting in NO AC!! Now if this had happened once, maybe twice, given the extreme heat I’d go along with all that but 4 times in less than 2 hours?? No way!! Something is really wrong with this generator!! My poor poor kids, they were miserable!! We all were!! But as it climbed to 104.6 in the RV the kids were panting uncontrollably and there was very little we could do. We snuggled frozen water bottles up to them and put a personal fan on them one at a time. It helped a little… So I call our contact for equipment issues. It went straight to voicemail with NO return phone call. Really?? I bet he had AC this afternoon!! Dude has until 8am to call me or I’m going up the chain. Last I heard it’s supposed to be 104 again tomorrow and I do NOT want a repeat performance!! And last time I checked my contract included a WORKING generator not some worn out 25,000+ hours of use crappy generator!! Chris and I can handle a lot but when you put my kids through that…well now you’ve got one pissed off Momma to deal with!!

Rant over.

One good pic for the road…


2 thoughts on “Poor Babies!!

  1. aww poor babies, I froze wet wash clothes in large ziplock bags for our babies to lay on and it helped them out; maybe it would help yours. ice in their water bowl helps. sounds like you tried all the other things I have tried. Texas is hot, hotter and then hotter. received my worst sunburn ever in Texas
    Hope you all get some relief

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