More fun than a bucket of Pinks!

I know, GIFs are so 1992 Netscape.  But how could I resist.  Some days you just have to laugh like a mad man to keep from going insane.  Another scorcher here.  Not sure how hot it was outside, but inside got to about 106.  Kids did better, we were a little more prepared for the AC meltdown today.  The boss man came to look at the generator, that was kinda funny.  It started having problems about an hour before he got here to.  What timing!!!  We explained the problem, and he was / is genuinely concerned.  Then we went to show him, and what do you know, like clockwork, we turned on the AC, waited about 15 minutes, then *PRESTO*  the breaker popped.  I believe his eyes nearly did to see it to.  I am not sure if its the age of the generator or the heat of this place, but something is wrong.  I wonder if the generator needs an AC unit to.  Wouldn’t that be a really nice chain reaction.  I can see it now, get a Generator to run the AC for the one we have, then to find out that one needs an AC unit to…  and so on.  Hard to believe that we have actually lived about 1000 miles closer to the equator and did not see this kind of heat.

On a Different note, I found a dog this time, without the spider chaser. I was gonna name him George and hug him and pet him keep him for my very own….  heh, it must be late….   Anyway, this one came strolling up from the drill sight, kinda startled me to.  I have heard stories about the “Killer Boars” here (yeah, that one sounds like a bad motorcycle gang to me too) but he is far too skinny to fit that one.  Anyway gave him some water and a bowl of crunchies.  Got a few snaps to.  I wanted to keep him till morning and ask some of the regulars if they know whose it was, but he took off before I could get him tied up properly.  At this rate, we need to start stocking doggy treats and leashes.

People should really go through the trouble of tagging their quadrupedal family members.  I know the little chips are cool and all, but I cannot be the only Joe-schmo on the planet that doesn’t have a scanner for them.  I remember when people would put a little tag on them with their name, address, and sometimes a phone number…  I think that is where the term “Dog Tags” came from….  Well, we will see if he is still around tomorrow, I hear its pretty dangerous at here at night.  Some one could get mugged by the “Killer Boars”…

Almost forgot to wish my brother a happy 40th birthday…

He is not quite 40 yet, but if you know him, then you know that I owe him that dig….


5 thoughts on “More fun than a bucket of Pinks!

  1. Hi Kristy & Chris, we have been reading your blog & enjoy it. My husband Tom & I Tonya will be heading to San Antonio this weekened to start with Timekeepers. I will be working the gate by myself as my husband cant do so until Sept.. We have pretty much found out that Timekeepers are the only companys that hires singles.I am38 my husband is 44. We have a 10yr old 4lb poodle that travels full time with us. We are looking forward to meeting everyone!

  2. Call the Deason Animal Hospital in Floresville. They’ll know what to do with the animal. We’re broke down in Pearsall; so if you’re in the area call or come by!

  3. You need a newer, more powerful generator! Do you have one of the old, smallish generators? That’s what we had when we started. It gave us problems our first week. Finally died. Got fixed. Died again. They came to fix it a second time, went out about 45 minutes after he left. Repairman didn’t come back until the next day. As he was trying to fix it, a part in the generator motor melted. Ummm, don’t think that one’s going to work again for a while. We went without a generator for a day. They finally brought us a new, big generator with a flood light tower.

    You should not be without a working generator in this heat!! That’s deadly. I’d be calling up the chain pretty darn fast. I hope you have a new generator pronto!


  4. We had more outages with the generator over the weekend. The radiator appears to have been the culprit. She’s up and running again… At this point we hope that’s the answer. If not, then I’m skipping the middle men and jumping to the top. Enough is enough!!

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