Doggie update

Good Morning my blog friends!!

Yesterday was filled with concern over Muttly, the dog. I called all over Texas, or so it seemed, to try to find a shelter that would pick up the dog. No such luck. As the day wore on she started to limb badly and we can’t tell if it’s from some burrs in her paws to something way more seriously wrong with her hip. The workers all seem to agree that she was dumped here. I just can’t wrap my head around how someone could do that to another living creature. She is a sweet girl and obviously was someones pet. My kids are a part of my family!! You wouldn’t leave your Grandma on the side of a desert road because her hip just wasn’t right anymore!! We just can’t keep her…not as a pet. I cringe to imagine the chaos and destruction that would happen if we even tried to introduce Muttly to our 3 kids/cats in this small space. My kids have never come into direct contact with any dog before… It was suggested that we let her live outside of the camper. We’d feed her but she’s kinda on her own. I might go for that if she could walk…or if it didn’t get up to 115 degrees, which it will soon enough. I originally thought I’d take her into San Antonio to their Human Society until one of the animal hospitals told me that they usually don’t take animals without a history. We are at a complete loss as to how to help the old girl. One of the guys suggested the most humane thing to do might be to “take her out to the back 40”.  I just don’t know… I guess the question remains.


Today I’m heading to town for the last run before I go to Illinois for the weekend. My Mom & Dad are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. My sister and I are throwing them a party after their vow renewal ceremony. We have been planning this party for over a year and I’m super excited to put it all together and have a bunch of family fun!! It’s going to be a whirlwind of a trip but I wouldn’t miss it for the world!! So I need to stock Mr up on convenience/microwave food and get all the laundry caught up. I so hate to leave him here by himself. Things have been steadily busy and we are so new at this, it’s nice to be able to tap out and take a break, from the heat if nothing else. We decided that I’ll go into San Antonio tomorrow afternoon since my flight is so early Friday morning. It makes sense but that just tacks another 16 hours onto his solo run. He’s not worried about it…I can’t help but worry…just a little.

I did get a couple pics of the birds and critters in my “yard” and one to watch out for!!  Take a peek…

More to come!! Until then…


10 thoughts on “Doggie update

  1. Wow no one will take Muttly! I would have thought every community had a Humane Society that accepts abandoned pets. Enjoyed the pics and have a safe trip

  2. Ooooh, you got a picture of the gorgeous moth. Those are so beautiful. We have a number of them here around our lights at night.

    Enjoy your trip to Illinois. You will be so happy later that you had the big party. Take lots of pics and share with us when you get back!

    We did a similar party for our Mom & Dad’s 40th wedding anniversary. We rented a stretch limo that would hold 11 people and we all went to the Melting Pot for dinner. What a wonderful experience and great memories.

    • I so hate to leave Mr Man!! But the party will be fabulous and the memories will last a lifetime. Getting everything charged and packed to head out today. I’m sure ya’ll will be overwhelmed with pics when I get back!! You’ll feel like you were there… LOL

  3. i know my old eyes lie to me, but is that a picture of poo? have you tried a rescue place for muttly? they may have one near you.. be safe. i love you

    • We still haven’t found the 2nd picture, but all the others should be labeled with hover. Let me know if this isnt working and ill look into it. Thanks!

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