Breaking News Revealed!!

Update on Muttly. She is mending nicely. She still has a bit of a limp but it’s getting better. I think resting the old girls feet and getting plenty of food and water is helping… We are becoming painfully aware of just how badly this poor sweet old girl was treated even prior to being dumped. We aren’t going to force her to leave but she isn’t coming inside either. So, when I went to town I got her a bed to lay on outside, doggie food, treats and some chew on thingies. Did I mention I’ve never had a dog before and have no idea what to do?? Anywho, I finally got back from town and she came out from under the rig to greet me. We set up her food & water dishes, put out the bed, gave her some treats and went in to unload the laundry and groceries. Chris went out to check on her and she had ate her treats and some of her food but wasn’t laying on her bed. She was to the side of it just looking at it… Chris put a treat on the bed and called her over, she reluctantly came to him but wouldn’t get on the bed. He picked her up and put her on the bed and went to scratch her ears and she ducked, whined and back up about 3 foot from him. How incredibly sad…we are trying to take care of her and make her comfortable and she thinks it’s a trick. We chatted about it and thought maybe it was the male figure that scared her so I went out to try. Bingo!! I go out and get tail wags and please rub my belly and kisses galore. I put a new chew treat thingie on the bed and she slowly inched onto the bed to get it. I scratched her ears without a negative response, only more tail wagging and kisses. It took her awhile but eventually she inched her way all the way onto the bed last night and is still sleeping soundly.

Today I pack it up to head into San Antonio to catch my flight at 5:40 AM tomorrow (way way way toooooo early!!!) to Illinois for my parents 35th Anniversary party. I got everything stocked up in town for Chris and all the kids. Convenience food – check. Lots of water – check. Smokes – check. Clean under britches – check. Food for all the kids – check.  Now if I could just find the luggage, 4oz liquid containers, phone charger etc I could pack…. LOL.

I feel really guilty leaving Chris here by himself but thankfully the gate has slowed and should be easier for him to get in some good cat naps. I’m feeling guilty for getting a hotel room tonight too, especially after our hotel day was a bust… After roughing it for a month we both could use the pampering of some modern conveniences such as running water. Every time I think of soaking in the tub, or having enough pressure to rinse the hair color (soooo needed) out of my hair, I feel guilty. Now when I say roughing it I’m not talking about living in an RV. I’m talking about living in THIS rig. You see none, and I mean NONE, of the systems work like they are supposed to. A working RV would be a 5 star resort!!

We love gate guarding!! We love the job, the community, the interesting characters we meet, the wildlife, the freedom to stay as long as we want and be gone for as long as we want. It’s the perfect gig for us!! The only catch is that we have got to have a RV or trailer with all the amenities working. We chose not to focus on everything that has gone wrong with our RV, let’s just say we have started calling her The Lemon, and work on getting ourselves into a new travel trailer instead. Yep folks, after all the love, time, money, sweat and tears we have put into Snowball we are actively looking for her replacement. It is imperative that we have a fully functional home, for our safety and comfort while doing this job.

We found a couple travel trailers that we are going to go look at in Houston when I get back from my trip. Of course the Miata won’t pull a travel trailer so we’ll need it delivered on site and the next project will be to trade Big Red for a truck that will pull the trailer. Baby steps.

Lots more to come on this as it develops!!

Over & Out….


3 thoughts on “Breaking News Revealed!!

  1. I don’t know if you can get the website link above. Please let me know your email and I’ll email it to you. It shows how and how not to approach a dog.


  2. My, my, my. Sounds like you’ve got yourself a dog. It also sounds like the dog may have been abused by a male. You may want to have Chris approach the dog from the side, not make eye contact and not try to pat her. Let the dog come to him basically, don’t force. (My sis-in-law is a dog trainer, vet tech and major dog lover.) That info is from her. I’ve posted another comment with a link about how and how not to approach a dog. Hope it helps.

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