Whirlwind Trip Complete!! Party was Fabulous!!

Howdy Ya’ll!! It is soooo good to be home again! I had a great trip but there’s no place like home. I felt at home again as soon as I stepped foot in Texas. In just this short amount of time we both have grown to love Texas. I believe the nicest, politest, friendliest people on earth live in Texas. I thoroughly enjoyed my drive home, top down, sun on my face, wind in my hair – the whole nine yards!!

Chris and the kids survived while I was gone…it’s hard work being the solo act on the gate 24/7. Especially when the generator continues to misbehave. Chris had it turn off on him numerous times this weekend. It then turned off about 5 minutes before I got home. Enough is enough already!! After Chris checked everything on the generator again and we called the repairman again…he wanted Chris to check the radiator, Chris said the overflow was full. Then the magic news – the overflow on the generators never works…really?? Wouldn’t that have been important info to tell us?? We added more water, a lot more water, and she turned on and has been humming along since. Knock on wood!! This should be the last generator issue we have!! If not, I’m going all the way up the chain, one phone call after another until I get an acceptable solution!! It’s just getting ridiculous!!

After some home cooking Chris is finally happily snoozing. I suspect he’ll be sound asleep until the wee morning hours. Luckily I was able to catch some ZZZs on the planes. Poor thing worked so hard so I could go be with my family. He really is the bestest hubby in the whole wide world!! I love that man to pieces!!

The party was a great success!! A few bumps along the way but that’s just part of the adventure right?? And in the end everything turned out beautifully!! The ceremony was lovely (I cried) and the bride and groom were happy and that’s all that matters!! A lot of great family pics to share.


I suspect it’s going to take us several days to recoup from the trip. Both of us missed out on a lot of sleep and were a bit stressed… Might just take the week to get back into our developing routine. That’s just one of the great things about this job, plenty of time to just be. The gate has slowed dramatically. The last crew of guys we had coming and going left yesterday for good. I was sad that I missed telling them goodbye but hopefully they’ll stop by to visit since they still have more work in the immediate area.

Thanks to my Aunt Judy for all her help with the party and the great presents to bring home. Chris and I both now have cooling towels, made for runners, to drape over our heads or around our necks to keep us cool and a new fly zapper!! Both already in use I might add!! And Muttly has a nice big chew bone!! Once she realizes it really is for her…

Can’t sign off without a great big HAPPY DADDY’S DAY!!! Love ya Daddy!!

Time to relax… Later Taters!!


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