A new Generator FINALLY!!

We both knew it would take a bit to recoup from the whirlwind weekend but we are utterly exhausted!! We spent the majority of yesterday napping, switching back and forth for the gate. Which unknowingly turned out to be a very good thing.

Last night about 11pm the generator shut down again. Which means no flood lights for the gate besides no electricity in the RV. Big Problemo!! So Chris wakes me up to spot him as he goes out into the total darkness to check the generator after the proper cool down time frame. She turns on but only ran for 5-7 minutes. So at this point we’ve had enough. You know that point where enough is enough and you aren’t going to take it anymore?? Or as my parents used to say, “I’ve had it up to here with you!!”. Yep, we’re there!! So I call the maintenance man and it goes to voicemail where I proceed to leave a detailed message of how unacceptable this is and that my next call is to the next person up the ladder. I call our supervisor, tell him that this generator has shut down on us a dozen times in the last 3-4 days, no exaggeration, and that I can’t get the repair man on the phone to do something about it. We waited about 10 minutes and lo and behold the repair man is on his way with a new generator. And when I say new I mean brand new with all the plugs working and 4 working flood lights too. They’ll be back today to top off the water and diesel on the new trailer and I fully expect our supervisor to stop by and check on everything. I was to the point of calling the other gate guarding companies available to switch to. Once you’ve hit ‘that’ limit it’s over!! No more games, no more we’ll wait and see, enough is enough and I won’t put up with it!! I had done lost my pleasing personality…. Funny how once that happens, and it doesn’t matter who it’s with, employer, friends,spouse, kids, family etc, it’s hard to recover. Anywho, we are hoping and praying this is the end of the generator issues and we can move into summer with fully functional equipment!!

While catching up on the blogs I follow I learned that other gate guards are getting dogs dumped at or around their gates too!! People are so cruel!! The one in particular that caught my attention last night was about a female that was dropped off that proceeded to have 11 puppies!! OMG!! We could be pregnant? Oh NO!! Not only do we know very little about dogs but we know absolutely nothing about puppies!! So I did some research online for the signs of pregnancy and length a dog is prego… I think we are pregnant. We thought she was putting on weight from being so skinny when she got here but now we’re not sure how much is that and how much is puppies. We did get another lead late yesterday of somewhere we can call to come get her. We are gonna try there today. If it weren’t for the puppies we’d let Muttly stay. We feel safer knowing she’s out there keeping the critters and snakes away but we just can’t do puppies… But if we can’t find someone to take her we’ll have to learn real quick how to do the puppy thing!!

Chris and I have been losing weight since we got on the gate, which is a good thing!! Very welcomed actually!! By our rough calculations Chris has lost 15 lbs and I’ve lost 25 lbs. Yippee!! When you take into account the ability to get fast food is nearly nil, add in fresh fruits and veggies everyday and drinking water like there’s no tomorrow this is what happens, go figure!! LOL. Now that I’m back from my trip we are ready to kick it up a notch by adding juicing and smoothies back into our diet. Since I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” over a year ago I’ve been wanting to do a juicing fast. But when working a traditional job it didn’t seem practical to say the least. Now, I have no reason why I can’t!! So I’ve been re-researching it and the guy that did the documentary has a brand new website that is full of great info, tips, recipes and success stories at jointhereboot.com (the documentary is free on the site). It will take me a good 1-2 weeks to transition all starches, meat and dairy out of my diet and add in more and more fruits and vegges. After that I’ll be ready for a full juice fast. I’m excited!! I’d like to do solely juice for 6-8 wks. My goal is to lose another 60 lbs in the first 6 weeks. That sounds like a tall order but really isn’t… I’ll be consuming 64 oz of juice and then another 64 oz of water a day. I’m wondering if I should include my journey into juicing on this blog or start a new one… Anyone interested in hearing about juicing too?? Let me know what ya think!!

This is just another reason I absolutely love this new life of ours!! We can do things like this that we never could have done at a traditional job!!

Taking better care of ourselves = priceless!!

Until then…




One thought on “A new Generator FINALLY!!

  1. If the dog starts getting really rotund around the middle and the rest stays skinny, it’s very possible the dog is preggo. Depending on how far along she is, you might be able to feel kicking.

    It would be a good idea to find a new place for her pronto.

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