New View. New Perspective

Our gate has slowed dramatically, which we are grateful for because it’s giving us the opportunity to get caught up on sleep, chores and errands. How long it’ll last is anyone guess but we’re going to embrace the slower pace while we have it!! Some people like the busier gates, we prefer it nice and slow. It keeps us in the AC during the extreme heat and allows us to chat with our regulars as they pass through.

I’m venturing out to a new town today to meet with some ladies from other gates in the area for a little ice cream social at the DQ in Cotulla TX. I missed the last one due to Chris needing to be in Pearsall to get our internet set up. This time I’m all set and ready to explore the other side of the gravel road. For us it’s like 44 miles the opposite direction we normally go which translates into at least an hour drive, taking into consideration the gravel road is a little longer down thata way and a wrong turn or two by yours truly…. Don’t matter though!! I’m excited for some girl time and gossip. You add in some ice cream and hell ya, count me in!! Chris is all for it…anything that gets me to put makeup on these days and he’s game!!

I guess that could sound bad if you didn’t know me in my previous life. Well, I guess I’m still prissy just not actively participating in the club. I love clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, nails and most of all jewelry!! But out here in the simpleness of it all it just doesn’t seem as important. To be completely honest it’s a chore just to keep my legs shaved let alone the whole deal from head to toe…everyday?? Nah… I think this will be the 2nd maybe 3rd time in the month we’ve been on the gate that I’m gonna break out the ole makeup bag and do a little painting… There were days in my old life that I’d touch up or change my makeup 2 or 3 times a DAY!! Funny to think of it now… Good thing Chris loves me both ways. I realize how blessed I am because not all men would!!

I would really like to figure out a way to start making my jewelry again!! I’d also like to try my hand at painting… Everyone has different creative outlets. I recently, within the last 2 years, discovered my love of making jewelry. I make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and key chains from every type of bead and stone you can imagine!! I love combining the textures and colors to create something beautiful and unique. I’d love to venture out and play with my own settings and start working with gemstones. I’d be fun to get a rock tumbler too. That way I can uncover the hidden beauty in the interesting rocks we find along our travels.  As for the painting…I’ve always loved the abstract. I couldn’t draw or paint a picture of something to save my life but the flow of colors in abstracts has always held my attention. I think it’s because they make you think. A drawing of a bird is…well…a bird. But an abstract of colors and shapes…it could be anything…and to each viewer it holds a different mystery to discover.

These are just a few of the reasons we have chosen this path. To be able to bathe in our creativity, to be inspired by the natural beauty around us, to sit and be, both with ourselves and each other. I’ve had the opportunity to watch more sunrises and sunsets in the last month than the rest of my life combined. I’ve also seen more wildlife in it’s natural habitat. So, yes, we enjoy the slower gate. We’d welcome an even slower one… And they pay us to do it!!

We have been re-evaluating our schedule. As nice as it is to just be here we still have the itch to go, see and experience new places. We’re planning a 10 day vacation for my birthday in November. Then return to the gate until the middle of March. From there we’ll pack up the kids and take off for a couple weeks to celebrate our 15th Anniversary. Then return to the gate for a month or two before setting off to explore for the summer. We are kicking around the idea of wandering our way up to the Michigan Peninsula and wandering our way back to Texas for the fall and winter again. The destinations may not be set yet but the plan is unfolding and who knows, we may just take off and go where ever the wind takes us. Oh the beauty of freedom!!

Until later….



2 thoughts on “New View. New Perspective

  1. Christy, Christy…it was so nice meeting you today. I read this entire blog to Bob who thoroughly enjoyed it. We laughed about the make up. Also liked “the girl time, gossip. Throw in a little ice cream, hell ya!”

    You have a very thoughtful and funny blog.

    • Thank you Miss Susan!! I enjoy blogging very much!! More than I anticipated…some may say too much… Oh Well!!
      I’m glad you are enjoying it!! It was so nice to meet you!! Sounds like we are going to be having weekly runs to Cotulla. Not a bad thing at all!!
      Thanks again for setting it all up!!

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