It’s official!!

It was a fun filled day!! Went to the DQ in Cotulla to meet with some other GG ladies to swap stories and gossip. A great turnout of 10 gals!! A big Thank YOU to Susan at for setting up the gig!! They were able to provide us with some very valuable info and insight!! Nothing beats experience and there were 10+ years experience (at least) at our table!!

I was able to explore the other side of the gravel road on the way to and from the ice cream social. Here’s a few pics of what I found!!

So these pics were taken with my really crappy AT&T phone…sorry for the quality… Anywho, the way to Pearsall I usually take doesn’t have cactus so of course I had to take some pics but after I saw the tarantella walking across the gravel road I wasn’t about to get out of the car!! As for the 2nd set…I have no idea what it is…at first I thought it might be a baby Palm Tree but Chris says no…any insight would be fabulous!!

The other very very cool thing I saw on the way to the ice cream social was my 2nd bald eagle!! Of course both times I wasn’t ready with the camera so no pics. Chris thinks they must be nesting and hunting in this area for me to have seen 2 or at least the same one twice. We are now watching the skies a little closer, he desperately wants to see it too. And a picture would be awesome!!

So after a very disappointing run into the local grocery in Cotulla, super high prices, not a lot of selection, rock hard produce and NO water I headed home. When I did get home my jaunt took a total of 4 hours.

Once home we had a quick and easy supper and each chatted with our Moms for a bit. Nice a quiet evening…not quite!!

I think we have officially been inducted as Gate Guards in Texas now. We have earned our right of passage…well at least Muttly did…she earned her keep too.

It was about 11pm and I was about to crawl into bed after a long day when we heard Muttly yelp and bark fiercely outside. She never ever barks. We see her run from behind the RV to the front gate continuing to bark. We scratch our heads for a moment then look out the back window to discover this –

By the time we got the camera and got the window open to get the pic it was nearly gone back into the brush but it was a full 5 feet of Rattlesnake when looked outside!! We had heard that Muttly would keep the snakes away and she definitely did!! I’m not sure if you can tell but this snake just had dinner…there’s a huge “lump” in it’s belly. We suspect it was probably one of the many of these we have along the road to the well.

All of us were unnerved by the new arrival. Muttly continued to pace and patrol the perimeter for over an hour before going back under the rig. We kept looking out the back of the rig to see if it was coming back!!

When I realized it was nearly 1am I knew I had to at least get a cat nap before I took the morning shift, nightmares or not. I’m happy to report there weren’t any nightmares but it was a short little nap!! I was up again by 3:30am to wake up a bit before relieving Chris at 4am. He is now sleeping soundly, lucky!! But at least I’m up early enough for you all to get pics!! The net slows as it heats up making it nearly impossible to download any pics.

More to come!!!


6 thoughts on “It’s official!!

  1. What an eventful day! Could you see the rattle on the snake? Good Muttley!!!

    The bird you are seeing is most likely NOT a bald eagle but a caracara which is the Mexican eagle of the flag of Mexico. We have seen them a few times as they are indigenous to this area…bald eagles are not.

    The plant looks like an agave–“century plant”. They live 10-30 years, bloom once, then die. The picture below was taken in front of the Big Bend National Park Visitor Center.

    See also:

    I hope you can get the link.

    • Thank you for the correction to my eagle sighting. Even if it wasn’t a bald eagle it was still very impressive! An eagle!! =)
      I do believe you are correct on my plant too!! I had a suspicion that it was the one that only flowered once but had no idea what it was called. Thankfully it isn’t too far down the gravel road so I can wander back for pictures while it’s blooming!!
      Thanks again for all the info!! =)

  2. I did not know the dog would keep the snakes away, good to know. I have a dog and he barks and looks for things although he is not allowed to be outside. I keep saying he hears things and when he barks, it chases what ever off. Who knows for sure.

    I had a wonderful time at the ice cream social also, a big shout out to Susan for setting it up. Looking forward to the next time. I am also glad that the men are going to try to get together next Weds., same time same lace. I really hope they have a great turn out like the women did. We will find out next week.

    Bruce has taken pictures of an eagle here at the gate of ours, he did look it up and it is a Texas Bald Eagle, I am sure he said. He looked it up. But do not quote me fore sure…


  3. Even if Muttly doesn’t necessarily keep the snakes away she sure is a good emergency broadcast system that one is around!! I’ll have to go check out the outing info for the men folk, Chris needs to get the stink blown off him too…I’d say it’s been close to 2 wks since he left the gate!!
    I’m looking forward to our next outing too!!

  4. Hi Kristy, Just looked at your pictures today and Goober looks a lot like my Jeffro. Just curious is his white fur and colored fur of different texture. Jeffro is very soft but his brownish fur is not the same kind of soft. Hard to explain but I can feel a difference when I pet him. He’s a funny little guy with all kinds of cuteness.
    Love your stories and pictures. I have been in Texas many times as Mom and Dad were Snow Birds and went to Texas every year. You have brought back some very fond memories with your pictures and stories Thank you for sharing.

    • Goober’s fur is the same all around but I have heard that before. Each of the babies is different in such lovely ways!!
      Texas is a beautiful place. After all our time in the Mountains of Boise I never would have thought I’d enjoy the desert so much but they are each breath taking in their own ways.
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying!! Can’t wait for ‘winter’ to come!! Never thought I’d say that one!!

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