Rig on it’s way!!

We heard yesterday morning that we are in fact in the lull before the Rig comes in to drill the actual oil well. While I was in town, again, to get groceries at the HEB in Pearsall, Chris started getting some big flat bed semis carrying what he described as huge drums. I guess this party is getting ready to get started!! We did luck out with the rocking of the new pad. We didn’t have a ton of traffic due to there being a rock quarry down there opposite of the wells. We let a few rock trucks in and then they ran back and forth on site loading and unloading the rock. I think we checked in 4 trucks for 3 or 4 days instead of hundreds of trucks for 3-7 days!! Lucky us!! We have been told that once the rig comes in with all the guys working the rig we will be steadily busy day and night. Definitely gotta get a handle on this shift sleeping thing!! We both like to stay up at night, it’s so cool outside and the net is so fast, but I’m afraid to go out to the gate at night…so I do days and Chris gets nights.

Muttly update:

She’s still here and getting more comfortable by the day. She is wandering the area when the temps are down but never too far and she always comes back to her bed and chew bone. We think her belly is getting bigger but still have no absolute confirmation that she is pregnant. I keep feeling for kicking when I give her belly rubs but nothing yet. One of the guys says I need to bet a box ready for her to have the pups in. I guess we’ll see how this unfolds… Anyone looking for a great dog with or without pups?? I’ve got the perfect gal for you!!

We had a brief thunderstorm pass through yesterday afternoon. The one day it wasn’t calling for rain, it rains!! Too funny!! It was just in time too because it was getting really super sticky hot outside. That little rain and wind literally cooled it off in here by 12 degrees in a half an hour. Fabulous!! I was able to cook dinner outside after the little shower, at dinner time!! Imagine that…start dinner at 5pm and eat at 6pm. Concept! And it was a great dinner if I do say so myself…BBQ pork chops with southern green beans (green beans and red potatoes cooked with bacon).

With my trip to the HEB we have started the transition to juicing full-time. When I say “we” are juicing I really mean “I” am juicing and Chris isn’t but he is so super supportive it feels like he’s doing it with me!! So, depending on the difficulty, I am planning on transitioning until next Monday, so 10 days total. Then that Monday will be my first full day without chewing. Funny when you think about it that way!! Of course there are a couple things that just aren’t up for debate and that’s my caffeine and nicotine. I can’t even fathom what a raving Bitch I would be if I couldn’t have caffeine (no coffee or energy drinks?), no smokes AND no chewing… Come on!! That ain’t even human!! So that being said the juice fast is moving forward. I am starting a new page on here if you’re interested in following what the transition and juice fast entails.



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