Internet, Muttly update and New Trailer – Oh MY

Somehow, someway we lost internet for the last 16 hours or so. The booster box is so fickle up on top of the rig that it could have been the brief rain shower that went through, a bird, a shake of the rig – who knows but it lost the bead on the signal and it sent us into roaming. Ugghhh!! I don’t know how we did 3 weeks without internet before…we were lost…no net?? What do we do now?? How do we stay awake?? How are we going to get it back?? I know, we are complete internet junkies!! We haven’t watched TV in 6 weeks, no biggie. We’ve only watched a handful of movies in that time frame but net…that’s different!! On a lark Chris tried to position it once more before heading to bed for the morning, I was very skeptical, but lo and behold, the angels are singing and we are back online!!

Muttly update: She’s still here. No puppies. I’m starting to wonder if she’s pregnant after all or just filling out from being so skinny. I guess only time will tell. One of the new guys that came through yesterday knew what kind of dog she is, a Black Mouthed Kerr hunting dog. We had been told she was a hunting dog before but no on knew her breed. She is quite the puppy and has started finding things to get her into trouble… Like ripping open her bed stuffing and all, or dumping her food and water bowls, and the worst of all carrying around the garbage bag in her mouth – all around the yard – and then proceeding to rip into it and spread its contents all around the rig!!! Bad DOG!!! It’s not like we have lots of options of where to put the trash. We don’t want it fermenting in the trunk of Big Red seeing as that’s where our drinking water and groceries have to go…and a trip to town every other day for a trash dump is crazy!! And no, we don’t have an outside trash can because we have no way of getting one here…it won’t fit in the convertible. Grrrr

We are in the process of hunting for a travel trailer to replace the old girl we call home now. The cost effectiveness of the travel trailer over the 5th wheels and RVs can’t be denied so that’s the route we’re going. Any input on brands, years, makes or models would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to make this purchase last us many many years so storage and living space are top priorities. We have been looking at models with 1-2 slide outs to help keep the length down but maximize our living space. Ones with space for the litter box and kitchen trash can would top the list. And of course when you own a pull trailer you need to have something that will tow it…Big Red our Miata is just not up for that job… So, any insight on good pulling trucks would be welcomed too.

So, we have been reading about some troubles the company drilling on our gate may be experiencing…a bit concerning. Money troubles with the drilling company could lead to the shut down of the gate, at least temporarily until another company buys the lease. Then add in that the company we work for holds the majority of its contracts with this drilling company. Where would we go?? I asked the question and was reassured that with the rig coming in and the new well being prepped for drilling the monies were already allotted and it’s very difficult to pull back at this stage of the game. Whew!! On top of that we were given a raise!! Really?? Cool beans!! Definitely come in handy with the new truck and trailer!!

So I’m off to hunt for a new home… We’re hoping to go seal the deal next weekend. Wish us luck!!

Until then…


5 thoughts on “Internet, Muttly update and New Trailer – Oh MY

  1. Some questions:
    who are you working for? Certainly not GGS.
    Can’t you dump your trash at the rig? They all have large trash containers where we all throw our trash.

  2. We heard you guys we going to get a raise. I am so happy to hear you have it, as we were lucky and got the higher pay when we were hired. We have no clue , but were happy to make it. LOMA is a good company we have been so happy with them.

    We also have a trash place here now, before we had to take it to the trash after the rig left, not fun as we kept our trash inside the rig, so no snakes or other animals around, so I understand what your talking about. We were happy when they brought back the trash trailer again.

    Good luck on your purchase of a trailer. We have a class A we felt that was the best for us., as we tow dolly our car. We have 2 slides and your right the room is awesome. We looked at more slides, but then you have to sacrifice storage. We are very happy with our rig.

    Love to read up on your blog,

    • Thanks Kathy!! Welcome to our world!! Crazy as it may be!! Always something shakin!!
      We’re still in talks about the rig…we’ll see…ya just never know what’s up our sleeve!!

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