Muttly has a new HOME!!

It was a quiet day on the gate. Some equipment for the Rig has been slowly trickling in. We expect another quiet one today – no complaints though!! It’ll be busy soon enough!!

Since it was slow I dug out the ole crock pot and simmered ribs all day and then coated them in BBQ sauce for a quick round on the grill. While they were in the crocker I cleaned and prepped all the wonderful fruits and veges I got at the HEB. Then I made a HUGE salad for each of us to go with those juicy ribs!! I managed to get in all these fruits and veges yesterday –

Today I’m going to try my hand a kabobs. Never made ’em before but I got all the fixins so we’re gonna give it a whirl. Just need to decide if I’m gonna do them with chicken or lean pork loin… Decisions decisions!

Now for the update everyone has been waiting for – Muttly has a new home!! Finally!!

Once I found out what kind of dog she was I posted a free to good home ad on Craigslist and got several interested parties. Not too surprisingly once they found out our location they weren’t as interested anymore. Granted it’s quite the trek to get out here but still. Anywho, one of the guys that called has several other hunting dogs just like her and we all thought it’d be a great match. So Jon made the trip all the way out here and picked her up late last night. They hit it off splendidly right from the beginning and off they went into the sunset. He too thought she might be pregnant but that was ok by him. I bet if she gives him even more hunting dogs he’ll be a happy camper!! So another happy ending to a lost puppy story!! Here’s praying she’s the last one!!

Once the happy couple made their way down the good ole gravel road we started cleaning up the “yard” of all the dog stuff. Shredded bed, bowls, trash, left over treats and bones all into a new trash bag. We gathered our trash too and Chris decided to make a super early run into town to dump it all before I got too hot. I took a nap and at 3;15 am he set off for town.

Now you can’t have a trip into town that early without something eventful happening!! Really!! So he’s about 2/3 the way down the gravel road and he saw a Bobcat!! He said, and I quote, “It was so cute, it had leopard spots and just bounced from one side of the road to the other”. Really dear?!?! CUTE!?!?! I though vicious would be a better description from everything we’ve heard!! Oh no. He said it was only a little bigger than my sisters cat, Dot, and just as cute. Really? Ok, if you say so my love. So he gets to nearly the end of the gravel road when he sees the Border Patrol SUV sitting to the side with his highbeams on. Chris shields his eyes and proceeds to the stop sign to get onto the highway. And just as he turns onto the highway the Border Patrol is on him with their lights flashing!! Really?? He’s asked a series of standard police questions and then they ask to look in the trunk. Now, you see, the trunk is full of the garbage we collected last night – the whole reason for this jaunt into town – and has been stewing for nearly 8 hours now. He tried to warn the Patrolman that it was literally full to the brim with garbage but naturally he had to see that for himself… Chris apologized ahead of time and opened the trunk. The Patrolman keep his cool, and breakfast, and poked the bags just to be sure. He gave Chris one of their cards in case we see anything suspicious or an actual illegal to give them a call. We have been told numerous times that this is a high traffic illegal crossing on this gravel road but we have yet to see anything out of the ordinary. Regardless of how you feel about the illegals, I think it takes a lot of guts to cross this desert with all her critters and extreme heat to try to make a better life for you and your family.

So while Chris is at the gas station he has to pick up some coffee because we aren’t sure if we’ll make it until I get the laundry done tomorrow. The only coffee they have is Folgers. Chris is not a fan of Folgers. But something is better than nothing!! Anywho, I just can’t help but think about my Pappaw and his instant Folgers crystal from when I was little. He’d mix those crystals in hot water and I thought it was magic. I loved the smell even back then. He always used the same 100 year old white mug that was nothing but a coffee stain inside, read his paper or sometimes just snooze behind it. Whether we drink the Folgers or not it was well worth it for the trip down memory lane!!

The sunrise is just starting and my birdie friends are arriving.

Until we meet again…



6 thoughts on “Muttly has a new HOME!!

  1. That’s great news. Good for you and good for Muttley!

    I would LOVE to see a bobcat. From the pictures I’ve seen, they are cute. They have big ears with tufts at the tips. Very cute.

    You tell good stories.


    • Cute until those fangs come out… Sorry, I have to remind myself that all these critters are our to get me. Especially in the dark…it can be really scary out there!!

  2. I am happy Muttley has a good home, you did a super great job taking care of her till you found her a home. Than is wonderful for you both.

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