New Rig and Fracking?!?! Really?!?!

Yesterday when we started our log in sheet we had 3 dates on it, just to show the level of slow we’ve been having. Until yesterday that is. Oh Boy!! We have been waiting for the Rig to show up to start drilling on the pad they just poured but we surely weren’t expecting 10 fracking trucks to come through!! Apparently we’re going to have a Rig and Fracking at the same time. Really? I guess they heard about our raise too and decided we were going to have to work for it!! TeeHee

So I’m days and Mr is nights. Unfortunately I woke up yesterday morning just a wee bit early, 1:30 am, and couldn’t go back to sleep. Didn’t think it was a big deal until the traffic started at the gate. By 3pm I was way overheated and completely exhausted. I think the overheating contributed to the exhaustion more than the gate running. Anywho, at that exact moment our AC compressor quit, died, pooped out, bit the big one – or so we thought. To say I freaked out might be the under statement of the year, I definitely lost my pleasing personality. Seeing as it’s supposed to get up to 107 today before heat index we knew there would be big problems with no AC. My husband, the most wonderful man on the planet (sorry ladies, he really is) and a complete mechanical genius, went on the roof to check things out. Oh MY!! Apparently since we parked here several types of bees have decided to nest in the AC unit along with the sea of moths from the flood lights and other miscellaneous bugs/beetles that wandered in there and had been turned into bug juice. Add in some good ole Texas dust and you have one helluva nasty mess. Thankfully he was able to spray all the nests without one sting!! A miracle in itself!! So after the wasp killer worked it’s magic he was able to clean (yuck, I won’t be complaining about the bathroom anytime soon) all that gunk out of the unit. Flip the switch and Viola we have cold air flowing once again!! The temps got up to 101.4 in the rig before the cool down started and thankfully the temp dropped rather quickly. Within 2 hours we were holding steady at a solid 80 degrees which may sound hot to some but to us it felt like the North Pole!! We’ve got our fingers, toes and everything else crossable crossed that it continues through the heat of the day today.

It seems that with Muttly gone we are seeing more wildlife. Nothing as spectacular as some of the other guards but I welcome my birds and bunnies back!! I also have to admit that not have her underfoot while going to the gate was nice yesterday… Here’s a few new pics.

And with this great internet connection how can I not put in new pics of the kids!?!?!

We are in desperate need of a laundry run…the nudist gate guards may have to make an appearance if we don’t go soon. Hopefully tonight once it cools down a bit we’ll make the trek back to town. On Wednesday Chris may have a little ice cream social of his own to attend, the boys were jealous of all the fun us ladies had they want to have a go of it themselves. A weekly meeting of the minds is a good thing!! Keeps us all social!!

The sun is just barely starting to peak through, time for nature to wake up and put on a show and I have a front row seat!!

Have a fabulous day everyone!!

Over and Out


4 thoughts on “New Rig and Fracking?!?! Really?!?!

  1. the pictures of the kids are great! nice to see pinks is still the family dork… love you pinks! I really enjoy the blog and love and miss you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxma

  2. Great post. Love the fur-kid pics. The one of the flame-point Siamese is priceless. Ready for a day at the beach?!

    Glad you got your AC going. Today our refrigerator stopped. No clue why. We reset it and it seems fine now.

    Take care out there!

    • Pinks is a ham there’s no doubt about it!! Couldn’t be happier that our AC survived surgery and is on the mend!! Hope your fridge is ok!! We’ve lost 2 rounds of groceries with the generator problems and it sucks!!
      Enjoy your cool evening!!

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