A Day in the life of a Gate Guard

It has been suggested/requested that we do a post of a typical day here on the gate. So I thought today would just as good as any other day to chronicle.

Here we go…

Chris woke me up a 4am (Ugghhhh). Since I went to bed last night at 8pm I shouldn’t complain but I was so snuggly. As soon as I get up every morning I immediately get ready to take over the gate which means fresh deodorant, brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair and put it up for the day, get dressed and lastly grab the “on duty” vest. This little ritual only takes a matter of minutes, no fuss no muss, but I can’t count on having the time to do these little things once I’m on the gate and Mr is sleeping. The same goes for potty breaks. Take em when you can get em!! While I’m busy getting ready Chris pours my coffee, how sweet. We had a little chitty chitty over coffee, he told me how the night went, we discuss the plan for the day (errands, wake up time, dinner etc) and then I sent him off to bed.

5:00am – Chris is already sawing logs in bed. He had a busy night which is unusual. Our Louisiana boys came in late to build a fence around the new drill site. He scared the young one when he warned him (seriously) to watch out for snakes up there. Now is MY TIME. The gate is quiet. The house is quiet. Ahhhhh. Just me, my coffee and computer. Ahhhhhh. It’s at this peaceful time that I write the blog, check our emails, check the weather, catch up on Facebook, read the blogs we follow, do any online shopping, write my grocery list and watch my birds.

6:30 am  – I went out to the generator to shut off the flood lights.

7:00 am  – Our first gate guest arrived. And a slow trickle has followed. The usual tanker trucks and the Louisiana boss man to check on the fence. Dickie just got up and apparently woke up cranky. Grrrr. He doesn’t want anything other than to holler. This isn’t a new thing, he does it several times a week and has since he was a baby, there’s a reason we named him Dickie!! I think he’s found a napping spot so we all can get back to the nice quiet morning. I’m expecting a busy day so I have everything I want/need to get done DONE. Just in case.

8:00 am –  The bossman from Chesapeake just came through asking if we were busy yet… “No? Why?” “Well the one well is going to start Fracking next week…” “Really?” “Yep!” So it’s confirmed, from the boss’s lips, we are heading into fracking. Seeing as this is our first gig and all I’m going to have to do some research on fracking so we know what to expect. Be prepared for it. At least as much as we can be.

9:00 am –  The early bird tanker trucks have left, so have the boss men. Another tanker truck just came through. Been reading the blogs we follow, voting on the next ladies luncheon and researching this fracking thing. No definite info to report yet. Time to figure out some breakfast. Counting my blessings that we aren’t busy yet cuz it sure is warming up fast out there!! Still a cool 67.8 in the rig though.

9:30 am –  The kids are playing nicely. Pinks already found a baby cricket this morning. Chris is still sleeping soundly. And I’m pawing through recipes for marinade ideas for my kabobs. We didn’t have them last night because I was too hot to even think about going outside and firing up the grill…NO WAY!! But I’m cool now and I’m confident that the rig will stay manageable since Chris performed surgery on the AC unit. Sounds like some cooking is in order!! And kabobs is whats on the menu!! We are trying to eat our bigger meal of the day at lunch and opt for a lighter dinner because of the heat. Too hot to cook and too hot to eat. Did I mention it gets hot?? Ok, just checking.

10:00 am  – Found the recipe I’m going to play with. I don’t know why I can’t just follow a recipe but…I can’t. That’s why baking and I don’t get along – too many rules!! Anywho I opted for a chicken wrapped in bacon kabob with a marinade. All I have to decide now is if I’m making rice to go with it. Gate update…one truck in and one truck out. Temp update: 70 on the nose inside the rig. Off to start the marinade.

10:45 am  – Chris got up at 10:10 for about 15 mins. That dang digital clock just won’t keep time!! It has always been fine before but now its all over the map. It said 1pm and Chris believed it, silly man. So he jumped outta bed like his britches were on fire…for nothin. TeeHee. Got him back to bed and whipped up some fabulous marinade. I love cooking!! Making something fresh and healthy, it just makes me happy. What to do now… Gate update: 4 trucks in and 1 truck out. Temp update: 72.5 – not bad at all!!

11:45 am – Gate is a little busier with 7 trucks in, 2 out. One page filled. Temp is holding steady at 75.7 degrees in the rig. Outside it’s getting hot, oven hot, no breeze, no clouds just stagnant hot. I’m lurking on Facebook and working a Suduku puzzle between gate runs. Nothing super exciting. Chris should be up soon.

12:30 pm – Gate has slowed a bit, 3 in and 3 out. Temp is still good at 79.2. A solid 90 outside. Whew!! Chris is still sleeping but he only has until 1pm then I’m getting his butt up!! Once he’s up we’ll close the vents to the back of the RV to help keep the front cool. I’ve been doing nothing…working my Suduku puzzle. Ready for Chris to be up!! Getting bored. Which translates into droopy eyes.

1:00 pm – Wake sleepy head up

1:30 pm-  Chris is washed up and ready to take the vest for a spell while I get lunchie going.

3:00 pm – BBQd the kabobs (Yummy!!) Chicken, left over Ribs, onion, gr pepper, whole mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash and pineapple. No rice, didn’t need it. We made 8 full kabobs and have a big bowl of leftovers. My tummy is fat and happy!! Temp update: 82 in the rig, 101 outside. Fantabulous!!! Gate update: As soon as Chris got up the gate went silent, funny how that works, and then as soon as we were ready to eat it picked back up again. Of course!! Trucks in 4, trucks out 5.

4:00 pm – The sewage removal guy came. Made a big stinky around & in the rig. Had to open up everything to air it out. That really messed up my temp gauge for the day!! Dang it!!

5:00 pm – Chris is taking a cat nap…funny man…before he goes to the laundry. I tried to nap but I couldn’t get my mind to shut down, I hate it when that happens!! So I forfeited the time to him. Snacking on some grapes and surfing the net between gate guests. Gate update: Trucks in 7, trucks out 5. Temp update: 87.8 in the rig, 104 outside.

6:00 pm – Chris gets up saying its too hot to nap. Gate update: 2 trucks in, 2 trucks out. Temp Update: 87.2 in the rig, 102 outside.

8:00 pm – Chris is finally ready and heading into Pearsall to do laundry. And they say it take women forever to get ready!! We loaded up all 10 drinking water jugs to be filled, 2 huge bags of laundry (we’re guessing 5 loads), the quarter money bag for the machines, the GPS to track how much further on the gravel road, the PS3 to play while waiting, the cell phone, his MP3 player and cord for tunes on the way (no radio out here in English), his keys and his wallet. Whew!! No wonder it took nearly an hour for him to get all his stuff together!! That’s why I have a purse to hold all my shit!! If we get any more trucks in Boy oh Boy are they gonna get a show!! All my clothes are dirty so I’m in my PJs. TeeHee. Don’t worry, all the important parts are covered!! Jeez. My plan is to do the dishes and give myself a manicure while he’s gone. We’ll see if the gate cooperates. If the temp in here keeps dropping I might even put in a movie. What a treat!! Gate update: 2 trucks in, 9 trucks out. Temp update: 82 inside, 99 outside.

9:45 – Chris is still at the laundry mat. He said we had 4 full loads. He probably won’t be back for another hour to an hour and a half. Gotta stay awake. Tried turning on my movie. Got the computer on, the monitor on and even the right mouse on but when I click on the movie nothing happens. Chris said to restart, I did. Still, no go. Now I know exactly what’s going to happen. He is going to come home, place his magical fingers upon the computer and everything will work perfectly. That’s what always happens…especially with anything electronic or mechanical. I think it just may be the most frustrating thing in the whole entire world!! No exaggeration!! Just wait, you’ll see… Gate update: 1 truck in and the same truck out. One PJ show and tell down. Temp update: 75.4 in the rig, 96 outside. That’s right folks!! It is nearly 10pm and it’s still 96 outside. Supposed to get down to 74 overnight though.

10:15 – Chris should be heading back soon. He said the gravel road was even worse heading out than usual. Probably due to the increased traffic with all these trucks. Now it’s really rutted and with us being so close to the ground in Big Red we actually have to drive on top of the mounds so we don’t bottom out. Takes a lot longer especially in the dark. He’s braver than me, he’s topless. I couldn’t. I just know something would jump out of the bushes and eat me alive. Ridiculous I know…but still… Did I mention I don’t like going out there in the dark?? There’s a reason I chose the day shift, sweating my cheeks off, over the much cooler, slower night shift. Even before the whole snake sighting I didn’t like it, now I’m terrified!! I don’t like being here at night by myself either…it’s creepy. I agree we need to do laundry when it’s cooler in Pearsall or go to the new laundry mat in Dilley that has AC. But we’ll be going first thing in the morning…no more of this night business… It’s cooler in the morning anywho!! Right!! Absolutely!! Ok, I’m going to work on these atrocious nails now. Keep my mind off what’s out there…

11:20 –  Chris is on his way home. Should be here within the next 5-10 minutes. I can hardly keep my eyes open. 4am was a long long time ago…

11:30 – Chris is home

12:30 am –  I just got out of the shower and back into my PJs, got the water turned back on for Chris to shower and there’s a truck at the gate. At 12:30?? Weird… One lone straggler that got called back to the well, poor kid had just barely started his week off too. Oh well, just another PJ peep show!! Got the water turned off for Chris and back in the rig for the night.

1:00 am –  This is me finally signing off for the night… Way past time for bed for this little girl. Hopefully this late night won’t screw up our day tomorrow too badly.

Nighty Night, sweet dreams.


3 thoughts on “A Day in the life of a Gate Guard

  1. You will definitely be busier with fracing. We were filling nine pages a day. Now that we’re in production we’re at about four pages a day.

    At least you’re working into it gradually. We got hit with fracing after three days on the job. Night and day, trucks, trucks and more trucks.

    Is Chris going to lunch today?

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