Texas Heat

I woke up so revitalized yesterday morning!! It’s amazing what a hot shower and good nights sleep can do for your perspective. Add in a cool rig and life is golden!! And to think we were seriously considering leaving…

Gate update: The ranch owner came through yesterday to check on the progress to begin fracing. He said everything looked good and was on schedule so I guess we’re in for a treat next week!! He is such a nice man!! Always concerned with how we’re doing out here. The crew is laying the pipeline for the fracing now. They had to call it quits earlier than usual yesterday because of the extreme heat. Officially we reached 108 but that’s without the heat index so tack on another 5+ degrees and you’re closer to the reality of things. Could be very very dangerous!! Only calling for 105 today…but once it gets that hot does it really matter?? Either way you’re stepping into an oven every time you leave the rig!! But I guess that’s our punishment for choosing to live and work in south Texas this time of year.

The generator did fabulously in the heat yesterday!! We did find out that we cannot run the griddle and the AC at the same time once it’s hot. We blew the circuit breaker in the rig several times trying to cook on it yesterday. And here I was thinking I was so smart for leaving the griddle out for easier cooking…oh well. At least now I know that I can’t run the crock pot when it’s this hot!! That could of cost us a whole dinner to find out while using it!! We need a 50 to 30 amp converter plug for the generator. That should help if not eliminate the problem at least it did on the crappy generator. But that plug went with the crappy generator so it’s up to us to find a new one I suppose. Hopefully Pearsall has one today if not the trusty internet will save the day once again!!

We heard that UPS will deliver anywhere, which includes down this treacherous gravel road IF we have a visible address posted. We can do that!! Just working on who we need to ask permission of first and what address isn’t taken to use. Then we can have our mail forwarded and packages delivered to our doorstep, no PO BOX in town needed and no more extra trips into town!!

Today I’m going into Pearsall for a big grocery/supply run. Leaving soon to beat the heat and get back in time to let Chris lay down before it’s too hot. Unfortunately he is going to miss the Ice Cream Social for the menfolk in Cotulla today. Hopefully we’ll be able to start coordinating our town trips with the weekly social gatherings to be able to do the laundry in Dilley on the way to Cotulla for the gabbing. The less trips into town for us the better!! This gravel road is horrible and really hard on the Miata, never mind us!! The team laying the pipe had 3 blow outs yesterday alone but they drive like it’s Nascar down that road!! You can’t do 50 mph and not expect something like that to happen!! They sure don’t drive like that on my road once inside the gate, no sir!!

Ok, off to finish up my grocery list and get to town. Gonna be a big run to get all the fruits and veges I need to start adding smoothies and juice to my transition diet. Should be to the point of eating vegetarian by Monday. Not only is this way of eating so much healthier for us but it also cuts a lot of the cooking out which is great seeing as it’s this hot!!

Later Taters!!


2 thoughts on “Texas Heat

  1. Kristy, you should also ask the ranch owner if UPS goes down that road if so just set up the address. I just read your post and thought of it. I really hope that it works out for you. We are happy we have ours set up. We also do a lot of ordering on line with Walmart site to store. Love that.
    Bruce picked up packages today there in Pearsall (4). Love it

    • I wish I had thought of that earlier!! The owner was through today… Dang it!! Hopefully he’ll be back soon since there’s so much activity. We are definitely going to start utilizing the Walmart site to store option!! Thanks for the tips & ideas!!

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