Ups and Downs

I got up early to let Chris have a nap before I ventured into town to stock upon groceries and supplies. I woke up in a funk but was able to work myself out of it before I getting Chris up. I got a little bit later start than I’d hoped but was outta here by 9am. Had the top down and the music cranked all the way to town truly enjoying myself. Wandered around the Walmart for what seemed like forever. For the smallest Walmart I’ve ever seen it sure does take a lot of time to go through it. But I was able to get everything but a hot plate for inside the rig off my list including a couple new sundresses. Then it was off to the Ace to get a generator converter plug, hopefully that’s the answer to being able to run appliances in the rig during the heat of the day without blowing any circuits!! Then it was off to the HEB to stock up on fresh fruits & veges. That’s always fun for me!! Especially after looking at so many new recipes over the last few days. Grab some water refills on the way out and we’re good to go!! Did stop by the McDonalds for lunchie to bring back first. Had one of their all fruit smoothies and was very impressed!! Nice treat for the long HOT drive back because it’s already 1pm. How did that happen??

You really have to be careful in this heat, it sneaks up on you. You don’t realize how hot you are until you get in the AC or you’re going in & out of the AC. And it’s utterly exhausting. I thought I was doing pretty good until I got in the RV. It was already nearly 90 in the rig but the AC hit me hard. I was suddenly exhausted. I’m sure some of that was the running but I know the heat played a big part too. Chris, Mr Wonderful, unloaded the whole car and put the majority of the groceries and what nots away while I just sat in a heap. Trying to cool off and drinking ice cold waters one after another. I always drink a ton when I head into town, I know how easy it is to get dehydrated without realizing it but apparently I hadn’t drank enough this time around.

As soon as I had cooled down a touch and we had a bite to eat it was time for Chris to take a nap since he only slept a couple hours after his whole night shift before I went galovamping off to the store. No biggie. He laid down and I covered him with the runners cooling cloth (he can’t nap without it!! Thanks Aunt Judy!!) that we  lovingly call the Sham WOW and he was toast within a matter of minutes.

I put the remaining groceries away and sat down. The gate had been quiet since I got home. Not anymore!! For the next 3 sun blazing hours I ran in and out of the rig every 5 minutes. No exaggeration! If a truck wasn’t coming in one was going out!! I was hot. I was tired. My head hurt. My heel hurt. I was sweaty. I was filthy from the dust the trucks were kicking up. I was extremely cranky. Which led to emotional. Which led to I don’t want to do this anymore. And I don’t mean at this moment, I meant ever again, not for another second, sure as hell not for the rest of the summer!! I quit, I don’t wanna play anymore, I’m taking my toys and going home. Wait, I was home. More emotional. So I did what any rational women would. I woke Chris up, had a tantrum and then went to bed. I passed out for over 3 hours. When I got up after 9pm I had a different perspective. We were able to discuss it rationally at that point. Re-evaluate.

I pondered quite a bit on whether to blog about my afternoon on the gate or not. But I want this to be a real account of what it’s like out a gate 24/7 through all the good and the bad. Gate Guarding is not a bucket of roses every second of every day. But the good out weighs the bad, for us. That’s why we’re here. Why we choose to stay. This is our home. Our life is on the gate. For now at least.

Over & Out


9 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Have to say it has been going through a lot of us lately. I think we are mainly hit with the heat. That being said I also had my little pitty party last week. I feel so much better. Bruce , bless his heart is the level headed one. He told me if I really wanted to leave we could. After going through and discussing several things , I realized this is what we both want to do. We both love our gate, the people and crew that work here (Nomac 3) . The work is not really hard, and when it is slow it is slow, when it is steady we both switch off every hour. This heat is a killer and we find, after i get up, around 11:30. I sit for an hour then we each rotate out every hour till after supper. Then that is my shift. It is so much better than him working the hottest hours.
    I truly hope things work out for you both….. Really is a good job overall..

    • Thanks Kathy!! We are working on a new shift rotation to help so neither one of us is stuck in it for too long. This is a good gig!! Better come fall & winter tho I imagine!! TeeHee

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