Perfect Rebound!!

After my rough day I was trying to think of something to make myself feel better, other than chocolate. What would I have done in my previous life? Shopping… Maybe. Nails…Maybe. Hair Salon…Maybe. Out to dinner with Chris…ordering the most expensive thing and a cocktail or three…Maybe.

So, I combined all my maybes and had a fabulous primping party for one!! I did mention I’m a prissy girl at heart right??

I gave myself a manicure to match the pedicure I did last week, lovely coral shade with white flowers, the color highlights my Texas tan perfectly!!

Then it was time (way past time) to hit the “salon” to color my hairs!! Ok, been trying to figure out since we got here how to pull this one off. With no running water in the rig and when we do hook up the water to shower there’s no pressure to speak of. So, how am I going to get the color out? Insert Mr Wonderful to the rescue!! He just took me out back and hosed me off, literally!! Mission Accomplished!! Back to a lovely, root & gray free, Champaign Blonde!!

As for my shopping fix, well I got that the day before at the Wally. So after my shower I put on one of my brand new sundresses!! The best part is I bought one size down from what I would of bought before, hoping… Slid that baby on only to come to find out I could have bought yet another size smaller!!! Gotta love that!!!

I even put on mascara!! For no other reason other than I felt like it!!

As for going out to dinner, not an option. So I brought a fabulous dinner to us!! I had bought a big bag of shrimp to throw on the Barbie at the HEB. So after scouring my favorite recipe sites I found a marinade that I had all the ingredients for that would work on shrimp and veges on the grill too. Off to work I went cutting and chopping, mincing and grating until the full pound of shrimp with mushrooms, zucchini, gr pepper, yellow pepper and onion were soaking in goodness.

Now about that cocktail… I don’t have any of the “good stuff” here but I figured I usually get a foo foo girlie fruity drink when I do go out and heaven knows we’ve got fruit here so… Back into the kitchen I go to whip up some tropical smoothies! A little mango, banana, strawberry and pineapple mix in the blender hit the mark!! Even had enough to make fruit pops in the freezer!! If I had to choose coconut rum would have rounded it out perfectly…just saying…

I sipped my smoothie until it was time to BBQ those shrimp & veges. The dinner was great even though the marinade wasn’t as good as the reviews. Still on the hunt for the “perfect” vege marinade. I have another one to try next time around…we’ll see…

Gate Update: Slowed down a bit yesterday. We still had the welders coming in working on the water pipeline from the fracing pond to the pad. Our safety guys pulled out yesterday afternoon. From what we hear and the way we understand it our one well that had been pumping has been shut down for the fracing to begin. That means no 3:30 am check in for the safety guys, for awhile at least. I’m thinking that a lot of things will be changing around here soon. Sounds like we’ll be in full fracing mode after the holiday. We even got dinner from some of the guys last night as they were on their way out!! Super sweet of them!! Chili dogs with all the fixins!! No cooking for me today!!

Thank you for all your concern and encouraging messages yesterday. We have the best family and friends ever!!

Until then….



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