Amazing Sunset!!

It has been such a lovely, slow, cool (low 90s), breezy, cloudy, sleepy, unproductive day. And then a storm came through to top it off!! The perfect ending to a perfect day!!

Quite uneventful  – We napped, Chris played video games while I played facebook games, chatted with a near and dear friend, knocked out some Suduko puzzles while we chatted  about everything and anything. The kids played and snuggled. What a relaxing day. It was almost like a day off!! And I have a strong suspicion that tomorrow is going to look a lot the same, they’re even calling for thunder storms again!!

So, here are some pics to give you an idea of the gorgeous Texas sky before and after the rain storm.

What else can I say after that?? Life is good!! We are blessed!!

Until then…


3 thoughts on “Amazing Sunset!!

    • Cat, the pics don’t do it justice!! It was so amazing. And they only last a short time so we just have to soak them in while they last!! Miss ya Hon!!

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