Crossing over…

I can’t sleep… Well technically I could sleep very easily but I can’t. I’m on Chris’ shift. He was feeling crummy all day so I told him to take some medicine and go to bed and I’d cover his shift. I’m such a nice wifey!!

So I was up at 4am, worked the whole day while he rested, minus a 45 minute cat nap with Dickie, cooked dinner, all that good stuff, and now am trying to keep my eye balls open at 2am. My eyes are very very droopy… But I can’t sleep. I used to be able to catch a cat nap at night because I sleep light enough that the motion sensors and bells wake me up easily. Chris, not so much… That was until one of our regulars started scaring me (on purpose!!) with stories of the illegals coming through at night. As if I’m not already afraid of the critters that are lurking just beyond the scope of my flood lights. Now I just know there are people out there too… It isn’t helping that it’s extremely windy tonight, a storms blowing in for tomorrow, and every tree branch is creating movement in the shadows. All because my regular, Jerry, didn’t think we should have given Muttly to a new family in town. He wanted Muttly to stay. If he wanted the dog he should have taken her!! It didn’t help matters when Border Patrol went screaming down the gravel road a little bit ago…think they found someone?? Why else would they be going that fast?? They never do that…. They patrol the gravel road day and night because it’s a hot spot for illegals to cross. We have heard this over and over again from the ranch owner to the drilling company boss man and of course Jerry.

Onto other, more pleasant, subjects.

The gate was about the same today. The welders should be finishing up the pipeline this weekend. And we had a couple of tankers come in today. Not sure what’s up with that since we were under the impression the one well in production was shut down to prepare for the fracing. The only thing we can figure is that its from the last day or so of drilling because the tanker driver said they were short on drivers. I guess we’ll see tomorrow…

We had our free hot dogs for lunchie today and then I prepped and Chris cooked a fresh dinner. We made foil packs with thinly sliced Pork Tenderloin, onions, mushrooms, green and yellow peppers, garlic and zucchini. And for dessert I made a foil pack with a couple sliced apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and coconut. Chris tossed that on the grill once dinner was done and it was ready just in time for an after dinner treat!! Would have been excellent with vanilla ice cream!! I think tomorrow’s menu will be taco salad with fresh homemade salsa and guacamole. Yum!!

Got some great pics today!! Wildlife outside and cute kids inside!!

Chris saw the bunny when he went around back to fill up our water jugs. The bunny didn’t move an inch even when he had to run back in for the camera.

Mr & Mrs Roadrunner were dancing up by the road and then disappeared into the brush… Wonder what they were up to??

Mr & Mrs Cardinal, not 100% sure they’re cardinals, were feasting this morning on moths & crickets in the yard.

And then there’s Pinks and Dickie…ready for duty and sleeping on the job. TeeHee

Happy weekend everyone!!

That’s all folks!!


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