Made it 1/3 of the way!!

We made it through June!! I know some of ya’ll had your doubts. And there were moments, don’t get me wrong, where the heat was unbearable. But now that we’ve made it to July 1st we’re 1/3 of the way through the Texas heat wave!! Yippee!! The weather for the next week remains in the mid to upper 90s but we all know that isn’t going to last…we’ll be smack dab in the 100s again before either of us know it!! When it gets really bad we daydream of the fall and winter here…opening up the windows, shuttin the AC down for a little quiet, more wildlife to watch, wearing britches, snuggling in a blanket with the kids (and hubby), leaving my hair down, wearing face paint (not easy to do with sweat rolling down your face into your eyes), ya know, it’s the little things!!

So today we celebrate!! 1 down 2 to go.

Ran out for our first gate guest at 5:17 am. That marked another 12 hours of silence on the gate. The welders will be rolling in again this morning around 6:45 am. Ready for another quiet day on the gate. We’ve been warned we’ll be seeing 20ish gravel trucks tomorrow. Hope they come in groups!!

Anywho, when I went out at 5am there was a swarm of moths around the flood lights at the back of the rig. A super feast for the scissor winged birds once the sleepy heads wake up.

Not an easy picture to get with the camera competing with the lights… This doesn’t even come close to doing the swarm justice but at least ya’ll get an idea. The moths cover the whole back of the rig, the ground, the generator…everything and everywhere they can. Once the lights are off it’s almost like they were never here…

The morning just didn’t feel right without blogging so I guess the sunset pics last night were a bonus.  TeeHee.

More to come!!





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